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OL Lar: Personally I don't think the RI is tied to the minister positions, IMO we watch the 2020 budget according to Tamimi , the new budget will be implementing the FML,(Financial Management Law?) IMO of course

LifeLesson: My hopes are pinned to the FML law for this to be done sooner rather than later.. dont even care about a rate. Just want it to be a convertible currency .. 10 plus years has taught me to not pin any hopes of a future life beyond Frank's Mon. Night C.C.s... that's a compliment to frank.... IMO... it does feel right this time...

MOakes: The crooked politicians in Iraq are like those in the US. They don't want the citizens to have any money. President Trump will have to make them RI or else it will never be done. Go TRUMP !!!

Tommy17: You don’t pass the FML without a intending to raise the value of your currency.  We wait for it to be put ‘in print in the gazette to make it official. It’s easy to forget “they said themselves they wanted the finish their monetary process before the end of June. All this came out in the news. But it is Iraq

Thank you Judy

Special Update: Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 8 2019

Compiled by Judy Byington,

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid.

Judy Note: All Intel has gone silent. RV schedule appeared to remain the same, on time and as reported on Fri. June 7.

Could Q+ be President Trump? Could Q be John Q Public? Were the below John Q Public Random Q-uestions written by John F. Kennedy Jr.? Could the National July 4 Celebration at Mount Rushmore be planned to announce GESARA/NESARA?

Most Prosperity Package and CMKX deliveries expected over this weekend.


Samson:  Iraq is the worst in the world in the speed of downloading the Internet

7th June, 2019

Iraq fell in the list of the lowest country rate download download on the Internet globally. 

The statistics department of the British magazine Spectator, which translated the contents of "Al-Ghad Press", that Iraq has won first place in the worst download experience download download from the Internet in the world, followed by Algeria and Nepal.

The magazine, known as The Specter Index, publishes daily statistics on a variety of subjects, and in thematic fields, where it lists them in the comparison lists.    LINK

Hammy14: Ha! You see?!!! It's just what they do. Iraq also won the honorable distinction of being the slowest country to ever reinstate their currency and lift three zeros from their exchange rate, IMO. Even though they've already won, the clock is STILL ticking, as they have decided to widen the gap between first and second place. Apparently, they want to make sure they stay on top for a while. LOL 

4Cash:  Now that explains why we haven't seen the RI-RV yet!!! LOL