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Bank Teller Reveals Secrets and Debunks Banking Myths
By Katherine Muniz 
Bank Tellers
We all know what a visit to a bank branch will bring. Average consumers have no clue what goes on behind the glass windows of their bank's local branch.
We talked to one bank teller from a major bank and he debunked some myths, as well as shared a couple secrets of his own.

​How to Avoid Various Bank Fees
By Shirley Pulawski

​Many of us have opened an account statement or gone online to track banking activity and found an unexpected charge of some kind. After some investigation, the story usually goes that the terms of certain transactions carry a fee, which was probably buried in fine print or quickly skimmed over by a representative at the time of setting up the account. 

Or maybe it was information sent out when the bank made changes to its account terms, and let’s be honest: Who really reads through those carefully?

Banking Perks for the Rich That Will Make You Green With Envy
By Destiny Lopez  
Famous faces are known for getting mountains of free stuff and special treatment. And the bank is no exception. Forget cars, jewelry and runway fashions. For the ultra rich, the particular bank they use and the options available are the ultimate status symbols.

Bank branches have levels, or tiers, of service.

Making large deposits and keeping your stacks of cash in the bank has its perks. Your bank will make sure you are taken care of, as financial security (which means less stress), does a mind and body good.

From RG on the Recaps Facebook page

I just heard from a guy I know over in Iraq who is involved with the CBI. He says there's nothing else that needs to get done. It might happen by later today or at least by Monday. The bank is on very high alert.

They’re expecting the 800 # to go out soon.

According to Forex, the rates are very, very good . So just hang tight …..we’re just in a wait by the hour zone.

Make sure you've got all your things organized and are ready to go.

I'm actually very excited after waiting all these years our dreams are about to come true.

Sent to Recaps, from LF

Not a bank story...a hotel story

Thank you team Dinarrecaps,

My daughter went to book a room at Holiday Inn in Utah and upon checking out it asked which currency she wanted to use. She had never seen that before. She decided to use the Iraqi Dinar and sure enough, she could, along with the Dong or the Zim.

There were over 100 currencies she could check out with. She continued to check out in Iraqi Dinar and it asked which credit card she wanted to use. American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa.

In US dollars the room was $152.00 in Iraqi Dinar it was 188,788 dinar.

She also checked Hyatt and Double Tree Inn. You can use hundreds of different currencies.

Re-posted just in case our Exchange Appointments are really close!!!

How to Deal With Sudden Wealth Syndrome and Manage Newfound Riches

By Amy Livingston

A lot of people have fantasized about suddenly striking it rich. They imagine that a financial windfall – inheriting a fortune from a distant relative, collecting royalties for a best-selling novel, or even winning the lottery – would make all their dreams come true. They picture themselves traveling the world, lounging on beaches, sipping champagne under blue skies while palm trees wave in the breeze.

But when this dream of sudden wealth actually comes true, it often turns into a nightmare. Instead of feeling happy and carefree, people who get rich quickly tend to become stressed and anxious. Their relationships often suffer too, as the money creates distance between them and the people they were once close to.

Sometimes, the newly wealthy try to comfort themselves by going on a wild spending spree. Unfortunately, this often makes matters worse. If the money isn’t as limitless as they thought, their newfound wealth quickly disappears, leading to even more stress.

These problems are so common that psychologists have given them a name: “sudden wealth syndrome.”