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Aaron: I know last Monday, Frank was re-iterating that all was not quiet on the Western front.

Tonight, I’d like to give you (3) interesting time frames to be aware of that should give everyone a little "pep in your step" for the rest of the month of March.

Please Note: This is all in my opinion.
No one knows the date or rate.

Interesting Time Frame #1

Tomorrow, Mon. March 11 thru the week

NASDAQ in New York City to raise the name and logo of the Iraqi market for securities LINK

Last Friday, Mar 8, The NASDAQ raised signage with the ISX Name & Logo

Does this “public advertisement” mean that the ISX is now international..??

Not necessarily, but don’t you find it curious that an Internationally recognized Stock Exchange (NASDAQ) is advertising a non-international Stock Exchange (ISX)..??? 

Why would NASDAQ advertise the ISX if the future potential for profit isn’t a soon-to-happen reality..??

Curious Timing….  Coincidence…??? 

I hope not…. Let’s watch what happens as markets open this week

Top-level discussion between CIA and MI6 about the tip-top of Western power and what’s going on behind the scenes

By Benjamin Fulford   2019-03-10

Hello again and thank you in advance for your time. As I mentioned, I have many questions for you; however, as you mentioned your affiliations, I have taken the time to carefully select topics found open source yet need clarification. Hopefully you can expand on these for me.

Please forgive me if I mention something outrageous. All my information is, as I said, open source, and may not be accurate; hence my questions.

In your words, what is “The First Federal Republic of the United States of America”?

America is a Republic that was covertly overthrown and became a corporation—the Corporation of the District of Columbia. At international law, it is entirely illegal and is completely bankrupt. It forms a triumvirate of corporations that rule and run the Western world.

​Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 3-10-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room

AndredineroGood morning my matrix family billionaire boys club OMG there's alot of great news this morning they talking about master card etc..... Omg we really at the end and plus the nasdaq STUFF that prove it wait and see

Andredinero  I'm going to post it
Andredinero  For the first time in Iraq, Zain Cash launches new features with the launch of MasterCard’s Walt Card

A ship at sea.

Date: January 14, 2018
Author: Live Your Wage

I’m in the bowels of a large ocean liner steaming across the open sea. My heart is pounding and my arms ache. I’ve been shoveling coal from giant reservoirs into the furnace. Me and dozens of workers are in a giant boiler room and have been shoveling non-stop for 10 hours. (1)

The burning coal provides the steam that turns the 8 giant 30-foot pistons just behind our massive boiler room. The pistons in turn rotate the two enormous propellers just aft of the ship. The more coal, the more steam. The more steam, the more pressure to turn the pistons and apply power to the propellers – and the faster we get to our destination.

This is how you take a nap.

Date: October 3, 2017
Author: Live Your Wage

Want to know the secrets of the rich?

Want to know how the 1% became the 1%?

Want to know how you can go from drowning in debt to getting “the man” to pay you extra every single month?


Article: NASDAQ in New York City to raise the name and logo of the Iraqi market for securities

Iobey777: IMO It was an "announcement" to preclude the Big Announcement to the world from Iraq!

Perhaps a "signal", if you Iraq and the world, that things are about to change in Iraq and giving notice that Iraq IS INTERNATIONAL! maybe..just sayin!!!

The bigger question is "why now?" would this kind of **acknowledgement be made to the world unless there were something much bigger to come? 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 3-10-19

larrykn  Par'l to discuss cyber-crime law amid human rights concerns

The Iraqi Parliament is preparing to discuss the "Information Technology Crimes Law", otherwise known as the cybercrime law amid fears raised by human rights organizations that deemed the law as a restriction of personal freedom.

The Parliament announced on Jan. 12 that it had completed its first reading of a draft cybercrimes bill.