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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Tuesday Night 3-12-19 

TWWIII  Baxter Do u kno when the USA finally had its own currency??
TWWIII  Just one main national currency

Baxter  no I dont.. sorry   no idea

Dave  68?

TWWIII  1790 or took us 16-18 yrs
TWWIII  How long for the IQD?  Before that eaxh state made its own currency

Dave  Confederate notes.......

TWWIII  I have those too  Each state issued their own currency, befor that we used other currences like the Dutch coins as an example

Thank you PinkRoses


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk about what is going on or what we believe is going on. Some of it is a little tough to get confirmation on now. Some parts have sort of dried up. Some of our sources have gone dark and it has been a little harder to get confirmation that we like regarding certain things.

Let’s start with Iraq. We are not completely done. We think we are done with Iraq. We know that the Iraqi dinar was supposed to be pre-trading the night before last. Yesterday was Monday. That would have been Sunday at 6:15 pm EDT the Iraqi Dinar would have started pre-trading. We think it is continually trading, but possibly not officially on the screens.

We know they had a pre-traded start rate in the $6.73 range. It was to go up from there as it was traded. It has been two full 24 hour periods plus that should have been taking place.

Bruce: You say, What about the Dong? The Dong was going to start pre-trading at one hour before the markets opened on Monday morning, yesterday morning.

Thank you Bluwolf

BLUWOLF: 3.12.19  A brief message to all. I have not heard neither from HSBC nor from WF stating that they will impose a limit on the amount of Zim currency that can be exchanged, nor have I heard of any elimination of 6 zeros or anything around those lines.

Nor have I heard about the bank stating that they will create some kind of ceiling on the amount of monies that they will place in any given account.

I honestly sometimes wonder where these people get this type of propaganda from and to the why of their intentions to limit or cripple this blessing inspire by God.

Let me tell you something friend God will not let that happen and honestly you and those who sent you should quit while you are ahead.

On the concept of where we are in this current time frame. I can say that we are about to receive a GO message in a short while ( minutes, hours,days ) for there is nothing out there obstructing or delaying this or anything.
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