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How to Become Rich, and 24 Other Insights from Warren Buffett
By karavbrandeisky    

The investing legend shares the secrets to his success.
Warren Buffett is a true genius as he is able to simplify complex ideas into quotes that will stand the test of time. Warren Buffett spent his life dispensing advice to all who would listen, earning him the nickname of the Oracle of Omaha.
In the 1960s, this advice came about twice a year in letters to investors in his investment partnerships. Starting a few years later, Warren Buffett’s wisdom was distilled through the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting and the annual shareholder letter, and in the past 20 years, 

5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload
By Alice Boyes
Do your to-do lists stretch on and on — and on? Do you dread checking email on Friday afternoons, worried about seeing messages piling up when you’re just trying to get out the door? Or maybe you’ve noticed that anxiety is preventing you from concentrating on whatever you’re currently doing.
You might feel anxious that you’re not working during times that are incompatible with working, like when you’re buckling your child into their car seat or you’re stuck in traffic. You may even feel anxious about the project you’re not working on when you’re busy plugging away on something else.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 3-16-19  
madness hey all good morning, guess were still waiting, for what I have no idea
WPY  We aren't waiting for Iraq, that's for sure.
Madness  I think its the UST at this point, wish they would get drunk like me and slip and just pull the trigger, more beer for me
WPY  What thinking person would believe that a sandbox in the Middle East could hold the key to anything financial besides the price of their oil ?

The Financial Upside of Being an Optimist
By Michelle Gielan  March 12, 2019
Under the weight of chronic stress at work, optimists are winning.
It’s hard to escape the fact that chronic stress is one of the greatest threats to well-being in modern times. In a report published by The National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health, 75% of workers say they are more stressed than the previous generation, and 40% place themselves on the high end of the stress spectrum.
In a large-scale study of more than 11,000 people, researcher Shawn Achor and I found that 91% of people had maladaptive responses to stress that exacerbated circumstances and decreased well-being. In the face of this mounting reality, some argue that chronic stress is a “modern day birthright.” It is not. Chronic stress is a trap we’ve fallen into — one that we can get out of with intentionality.


Dinar4wealth: Would be nice if the RV happened on St. Patty's Day. Come on Luck of the Irish!!!

JJF: Maybe the luck o' the Irish will bring the RV on!!!!! Shiver me timbers! I believe I feel the earth movin' under my feet!!!!! Top o' the mawnin' to all great TNT'ers!!!! Let's have a wonderful GREEN day!!

Tatop: Sunny, will you please have the leprechauns round up that pot of gold?

Sunny: Yes, about that gold. Some leprechauns say look to the opening of the FOREX this evening at 5 pm EDT…..Other Leprechauns are saying it may be a bit. I think those darn leprechauns are playing hide n seek with the pot!  Ya'll keep looking for the Leprechan. They are slippery, little folk. Wear velcro gloves to hold on to them. See ya'll later

SusanaC: this info is from friday and wed no change---that is good news!  the rates in back screens still fluctuating still there and more Importantly..they are STILL the SAME 0.14-0.55 zim, 0.47-2.37 dong. 4.43-6.83 iqd…..tony told us --if there was a change he would tell us