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Thursday UPDATE for February 28, 2019

1. Some US banks are seeing rates on the back screen, but we're being informed that they are not the final rates.

2. Iraqi TV news broadcasted a spokesperson stating that a complete, seated government will be announced no later than March 17, 2019.

3. PM Mahdi reportedly announced on Iraqi TV that several ministers of his cabinet will be replaced due to their suspicious background.

4. Two reputable sources have reported to us that 35 Dinar is equivalent to $100 US in-country only. We await more detailed information regarding this process.

5. It is being reported to us that consumer market prices for goods services are being (or scheduled to be) adjusted due to rate changes. It is anticipated that fils (coins) will be effective with the new pricing structure in addition to the lower denoms that have been slowly trickling into circulation.


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Where are we right now? We are in this long basically a marathon. Tonight finishes off my 14th year. Tomorrow I start my 15th year. Now what I am hearing as of after the markets closed tonight, we are in the place where we can expect the toll free numbers to be released. We are in the sweet spot right now. 

I want to say one thing before we get deep into any Intel. Help me with this please, Pinkroses. The replay link for tonight’s call for example will not be put on the website until tomorrow morning. Probably a little bit after 9 am EST.

In the meantime you can catch the call live as you people on live are getting it now, but the replay number is also a way to listen to the call on your phone until the link is available. So just keep that in mind. I wanted everyone to hear that. Thank you Pinkroses for making sense out of that. 

The Yellow Vest Movement
Post From The Final Wake Up Call
By Peter B Meyer
Not Revolution, but Revelation of systematic corruption
Not Globalism, but individual self-determination
Change beyond France is essential
The Past shows the Future

Citizens’ Initiative Referendum

The European Union is undermining the democratic will of the populace of all member states. This is the reason why since halve ‪November the people who first went out in the streets were wearing Yellow Vests. Initially they were protesting against a hike in gasoline and diesel taxes that would hit people in rural France the hardest.