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Kaseyko1: I just wanted to give you an update with Mxx xxxxx Bank in OKC. This past Thursday I went with my aunt who has an account at Mid-First to do some general banking. While she was in another area of the bank, I inquired of the teller about opening up an account at their location.

The teller started explaining to me the process. After some general chitchat, I asked her if they had a wealth manager at their location. When I made a comment that I was involved with the currency exchange that was to happen this next week, the teller's supervisor immediately started talking to me and stated they could help me and would like to do business with me. 

She gave me the name and number of their wealth manager, as well as taking my phone number for him to contact me directly. I did let them know I had an account with BOA and that I understood they were to be one of the lead banks with the currency exchange. 

And when the supervisor started with some general conversation, all of a sudden her bank's branch manager started talking to me from her office - and she had several customers in her office! 

​IQDCalls Chat Early Monday 3-25-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 3-25-19  
chattels   larrykn How can we know what is to be done with something that arguably has never been done before ?
Young SC  Andre's last post was about BMW?? What in the world does that have to do with the dinar

​.Andredinero  Young SC And BMW going BLOCK chain it's to show you almost everything going to be BLOCK chain and gold backed when Iraq make it's final move they getting ready so they already preparing

Is the Iraqi Dinar on Forex ?? (sent to Dinar Recaps)

Updated: 3/25/2019

I don't know much about Forex...not much at all.

I've heard conflicting reports on whether the Dinar was, is or is going to be listed on the exchange from credible sounding people.

Here's another perspective from GPCarter to help you track the dinar...

His ultimate advice is to focus on the CBI....

GPCxxxxx : As a full-time, forex trader I felt I should make this posting. I keep seeing posts where people talk about the IQD "movement" and rate changes on sites like XE, Forex Pros etc., and I felt compelled to share this information.

Due to the time I spend doing market research and analysis for my forex trading I don't have much time to do the question and answer thing on the forums. So, that is another reason I am making this post.