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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday   3-2-19  Part 2 of 2
Young SC  PMJoeSchmoe Young SC and with 'some' saying the only way it happened was on the black market, TWWIII's experience says otherwise...unless BOH(bank of hawaii) deals with the black market....
Young SC  Sam I Am would does not believe it lolol
Young SC  Like Deano said last night there is more to this story that we do not know @Baxter
Zig  TWW did not say where he "bought" only where he later "sold"
Zig  Maybe he will tell us more details....
JoeSchmoe  Zig He did. " While there I bought quite a bit of their currency"

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday   3-2-19  Part 1 of 2
Clay  koonce is calling it
Clay  never done that b4
MsDiva Hello  i agree i never sen Randy call the RV strange thing i hope he wasnt hacked
Clay  me too
Donnie  this MarkZ's posts of late have been interesting. anyone know anything about him?
Clay  Donnie never heard of him
Clay  nobody knows anything IMO

​Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
March 1, 2019 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile
Even Warren Buffett gets it: “They’re Coming For Your Money”
By the year 1380, the Hundred Years' War between England and France had already been raging for decades.
And the war wasn’t going very well for England.
France had managed to recapture most of the territories they had lost early in the war; meanwhile French naval fleets were ravaging the coastline of southern England and destroying English commercial vessels.

*A Source Is A Source* by Dr. Dinar
We've all heard the song "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" by the amazing John Lennon. Combined with the talent of Elton John on backup vocals and piano, that song had all the ingredients, a recipe for a "win" if ever there was one.
After nearly a decade on this journey to the RV/GCR, it's pretty much come down to just that. Whatever it takes to help get you through the night and on to the next day. The next week... the next month.
To simply hang in there, especially during the toughest of times, when hanging in feels like the last thing you have the strength to do. Yet somehow we all have to muster the strength to hang in there and cross that finish line, shoe box full of currency held high.
Having received yet another email "update" pertaining to the latest going's on in Dinarland, I commented to a friend, a friend who has been involved in this thing even longer than I have, on how this or that Guru had lost not only their luster, but their believability as well. For me, anyway.


MilitiaMan: “Parliament to pass laws on "urgent government request"

A question maybe is what assets are they talking about? (See article below) Possibly the smalls that will be in the 2019 Budget they passed in late January and that happened to go to the CBI for short stay, and then back again? I wonder why the possible early return and urgency? Could it be the URGENT REQUEST to re instate something or even apply an adjustment to the 2019 budget to do so? ` HMMM... ~ MM 

GMoney:  Well said MM... Retro to Jan 1st imo in the 1st 1/4 of this yr...Winds of change are a-blowing...

Giants: MM, could it be that the urgency is that they would’ve RV’d before the parliamentary sessions begin and they need to put parimeters around the newly formed purchasing power for the citizens. Also, I believe they are to institute the budget this week and if that is the case and we believe the new value of the iqd is in the budget then the urgency is understandable.

​101 Fascinating Money Facts
Post From Money Saved Is Money Earned
February 16, 2019
Hello frugalists!
Presidents Day is just around the corner, and you know what else prominently features Presidents?
What better way to celebrate Presidents Day than to talk about money?

While we contemplated something along the lines of “Money Lessons from our Founding Fathers,” we thought something more lighthearted and fun, but also informative, was in order.

Emailed to Recaps:

MarkZ Update Saturday 3-2-19: Notes by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ: We were all ready to roll last night …and don’t know what happened or what hasn’t happened yet.
F&P (Fines and Penalties) have not been paid yet.. Sat through Tues is our window..

We were expecting things to kick off early this morning from Reno to Chicago to Atlanta....Im still expecting a lot of intel later on today..

Right now we have all the right people are in the right places 

We are still hearing CMKX deliveries this weekend or early this week.

Spoke with Mr.C (Michael Cottrell) about 10am Est...They need to bring everything to MC so he can go..our understanding is someone needs to decide when its safe to go…….then do it.