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Tishwash: With the participation of 54 international companies launch Najaf shopping mall

"The exhibition witnessed the participation of more than 54 specialized companies in the field of antiques, antiques, paintings, sculpture, mubliya, foodstuffs, clothing, household items and all that is needed by the Iraqi citizen and the countries," said Hashem Mohammed Hatem, Pakistan, Senegal, Palestine, Syria and China). "

"The exhibition is a great opportunity for participating companies to showcase their products in the Iraqi market, which is a promising market in addition to opening up to Iraqi businessmen and traders to obtain exclusive agencies by these companies." 

"The exhibition is an important step in order to contribute to increase and encourage the volume of trade exchange and expertise and to strengthen relations between the participating merchants and their counterparts in Iraq," he added.    link

Top 10 Most Superstitious Presidents
Posted by Smashing Lists              
It seems like it takes a bit of luck to become the most powerful politician in the world. Certainly, the job of President comes with a side-order of superstition, from the mundane to the bizarre. Even the election process has its own superstitions including the Redskins rule – a prediction on who will win, based on the last home game of the Washington Redskins.
You have to wonder though – if superstitions work, then why isn’t John McCain sitting in the White House right now? Possibly the most superstitious man to ever hit the campaign trail, he carried in his pockets a lucky feather, a lucky compass, a lucky penny, a lucky nickel, a lucky quarter, and a laminated 4-leaf clover.


Don961: Baghdad regains its breath after years of "terrible" reports of money laundering

"Now it's very different from the past," he said. "Banks outside the country are starting to deal with them."    link

Iobey777: Well now, C'mon Iraq!! Let us see the shiny new rate and those pretty little smalls and shiny new coins!! The citizens are watching and waiting!

Moparman: This speaks of great confidence and internationalism. 

Jay: Alak we get it. But you have to understand that talk is cheap. The CBI still has 1190 as its rate. Sorry. Not impressed Alak. Imo