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Sooneriam: What is our window for the RV/ public release now??Anything new and exciting happened today for our RV? Any new information?

Ivantulafitov: After elections prolly after Sunday night imo… Elections already started for military today I think so I doubt that they're going to do it in the middle of the elections…. The good news is there's absolutely zero bad news

FullSail: I believe we are in the best position at this point in time. A very wise man recently said..."Be ready, so you dont have to get ready"(give that man a gold cigar[Tony])

KajunRedBull: I've been thinking and am wondering if Abadi is holding off until the boarders are closed for the added security rather than after the elections. just my thoughts

RVAlready: The military and absentee folks are already voting. I suspect the borders may already be closed.

How To Hide Your Cash 
By Livesafely
In these tough economic times, it is little wonder why people would be more concerned than ever with hiding their money. With rising unemployment rates, soaring levels of property crime, higher taxation, more government intrusion into our lives, etc., it is no surprise that people are hoarding their hard earned money.
Besides using home safes for hiding money, there are many natural hiding places in and around your home to hide your money. Some of these places are even good enough to fool a seasoned professional burglar.
While the one obvious idea is to keep your money in a safety deposit box in your bank, that isn’t always an option for one reason or another, and safety deposit boxes are not insured. Aside from hiding your money overseas, there are some ideas that will work very well.


Walkingstick:  Karim Tamimi calls on parties and candidates to abide by the silence of the media

A member of the Board of Commissioners, the spokesman of the Electoral Commission Karim al-Tamimi called political parties and candidates to abide by the silence of the media set by the Commission.

Tamimi said Thursday that "the media silence will begin at 7 am on Friday 11/5/2018, twenty-four hours before the start of the polling day, which will start at seven o'clock on Saturday 12/5/2018." 

Pointing out that "this timing came in accordance with the electoral campaign system No. 11 of 2018, and in case of violation of the system Tamimi pointed out that the Commission will take deterrent measures against those who violate the system of parties and candidates in accordance with the law may reach the punishment to withdraw the ratification of the party or the candidate and to deny participation In the elections or the elimination of its results in the vote. "