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5 Things Rich Millennials Do Differently With Their Money than the rest of their generation
Hillary Hoffower Mar. 27, 2019
Rich millennials have different financial habits than the rest of their generation.
Having come of age during the Great Recession, many millennials are wary of investing— but rich millennials are more embracing of it, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and investing outside of the US.
Compared to their peers, rich millennials also sit on less cash and have a different picture of debt.
Rich millennials are of a different ilk.


DELTA: Economist: War on Iran raises the value of the dollar in Iraq .. For this reason!

Mostafa Al Anbari 11/05/2019 - 23:21

The economic expert Salam Samisem said on Saturday that the outbreak of war on Iran, regardless of Iraq's position will have an impact on the Iraqi currency to raise the value of the dollar in front of him, noting that the Iraqi economy may be exposed to a new inflationary wave because of that war requires government action to control On markets.

"The outbreak of war on Iran, regardless of the position of Iraq, will have an impact on the Iraqi currency to increase the value of the dollar in front of it," said Smeisem, "indicating that" fear of the unknown will increase demand for the US dollar, which will raise its value compared to the Iraqi dinar and thus lead To a decline in the value of the dinar ».

IQDCalls Chat Early Monday  5-13-19  
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 5-13-19  
Tigger  I believe the trade initiative with China is happening on the down low! Omg. I believe that the China/US trade agreement is more like the China/World agreement!
Tigger  Maybe these aren't really tarrifs, maybe Trump is just getting back the $ China has been screwing us out of! Think about it...
Tigger  Then I read this...
Tigger  "China signed cooperation agreements with 126 countries and 29 international organizations, and it is expected to create direct trade and investment opportunities for China, QNA said Saturday."
Tigger  OMG. The China/US trade agreement is actually the China/World agreement, put together and orchestrated by Trump~    Meebeeeee~