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Harambe: Reuters: Cleric Sadr, in surprise comeback, seems set to win Iraq election

Denhal: Iraq has come too far now, but remember all the laws have been passed …its up to the CBI now..

Munchkin: i just read that Sadir can not become the leader because he did not personally run but he can decide who he supports

Redtnow: In the past, Sadr backed Abadi

Free4ever:  If Sadir defaults to Abadi we are all good))

Free4ever: The other interesting thing is Abadi will still stay in power for a few weeks before power is handed over, and because Sadir publicly supported him, Abadi may still "suggest" to the CBI to go ahead and RV

Lorena1972: Well lets hope that Sadir tells Abadi, you have my support if you RV first.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  5-13-18  Part 2 of 2

chattels   The total number of seats lost to the Kurds appears to be less than the 10 projected by some.
chattels   KDP still has almost one half of the total.
chattels   " Kurdish political parties currently hold 63 seats in Baghdad, .........."
chattels   If these numbers hold then the total is now 57. A loss of 6 seats.

chattels   Currently, " ......... the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) holds the most – 25 seats. It is followed by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which holds 21. The remaining seats are held by other Kurdish parties."

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  5-13-18  Part 1 of 2


chattels   Al-Abbadi's list tops the preliminary results of the elections, followed by Sadr's list
chattels   Lost the link   informal results though, sort of like an exit poll

BREW   chattels no results yet.

chattels   BREW it was to be about 48 hours on any official results as of 6:00 yesterday
BREW   chattels Thanks.


Snoopy: I thought this was done years ago.....for what ever reason they manage to keep pushiing it back....last count over 200 different reasons to delays it....but the true reason more than anything else is major cleanup on isle 3..... The number of bankers removed for trying to mess with the money would amaze you......and its the higher ups that are causing the problem....see what zap had to put up with

RVAlready: The trouble is, this is not the first program the bankers have messed up. They have been doing this for at least a couple of decades…. This is one reason Tony brings up Confessions of an Economic Hitman….. This is not a simple deal with no opposition.

Hijack: When you go for your bank appointment one of your major questions should be how is your money protected, if you don't like the response then move to one that gives you a satisfactory one.

Post From Dinar Updates
BGG News Highlights & Comments  5-13-18

Who? What? Why? Iraq’s election (2018)

BGG ~ Folks, it is as simple as this… These election results are critical. Even with an outright win by Abadi, it may well take him some time to fully form his next GOI and move things forward.

BGG ~ No matter what anyone says, there is still a ways to go.

We need to wait and get a true reading on what the fullsome numbers look like once everything is counted…
... ​


Walkingstick: Announcement of election results in 10 governorates today [Ayna-Baghdad] 

Sources revealed the announcement of the Electoral Commission for elections results of the legislative elections for 2018 in 10 provinces.

The sources said that "the provinces are [Baghdad, Babylon, Basra, Anbar, Diyala, Diwaniyah, Najaf, Muthanna, Karbala and Dhi Qar], except the provinces of Kurdistan and Kirkuk to investigate allegations of falsification of the results."