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Brief MarkZ Update Thursday Night –Testing you tube channel

MarkZ: I was just talking with Fleming and comparing notes which is a rare thing. We pretty much have the same timing.

We are told 800 numbers are fair game from this evening to tomorrow early in the day…

We have a lot to watch for overnight tonight

One of the big humanitarian groups are bringing people in starting on Monday.

Mr. Cottrell as of 6 or so tonight had not been paid but….based on my treasury contacts I really don’t expect him to go until early tomorrow morning or sometime before the banking day starts.

The news has absolutely been fantastic throughout the day and does appear to be winding down to completion.

We even had a Fox News contributor do a short piece on the “Impending Global Currency Reset” that Mr. Trump has been pushing for. We made mainstream news guys.

May 14, 2019 By Bob
This question came from a reader the other day. He said:

“I just watched your recent investing videos. What are your thoughts about investing while in debt? We’ve been going crazy paying off our debt, which has been great, but then I see other things that make me wonder if I’m missing out on some investing.”

There’s no black and white answer here, but I want to look at four different considerations for people in debt who are thinking about investing.

​Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
This is a much better alternative to keeping your money in a bank

May 16, 2019  Santiago, Chile

The banking scandals are all starting to blur together.

When I heard that five big banks were fined by regulators today, I had to think…

Was that the scandal over employees creating fake accounts? No. Was it the scandal over recommending investments “highly likely to lose value”? No, not that one either.

Today’s fine didn’t stem from when banks scammed customers into buying auto insurance they didn’t need, illegally repossessed vehicles, accidentally foreclosed on homes, colluded to defraud investors, or rigged interest rates.


Samson: The future ... begins now

16th May, 2019 by Samir Nusairi

The future begins with the slogan of a joyous and joyous celebration held in a Ramadan evening organized by the Iraqi Pioneers Organization for the awarding of prizes which were won by nine pilot projects presented by the promising youth from several governorates and the winning projects selected by a jury of experts and experts.

These projects were distributed in various fields that dealt with problems Environmental, agricultural, service and technical, including the smart container projects and Akvl Nakhla and my friends and plant tissue culture and electronic capsule and the application of the garage and shops and speed and service 6262 and all these projects are pioneering and innovative projects and provide great services to the community.