May 17th 6pm

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The most insidious form of theft

Lack of logical foundation

President Richard M. Nixon announced on August 15, 1971, that the U.S. would no longer officially exchange dollars for gold and many are still referring to that decision as one of the biggest mistakes ever. Nixon, for one, thought gold-price stability was bogus.

It has since become clear why he went off the gold standard. A good controlling factor over the monetary system would be the price of gold. The implications; conduct monetary and fiscal policy such that the gold markets are content to sit tight, and marvel at the economic results.

Do otherwise, and the ordeal of the 1970s will be repeated today. Rarely in the history of political economy have choices been so stark, so obvious. One wonders whether it is being done on purpose. Which as we know is actually the truth.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday   5-17-18  

chattels    Joel Wing @JoelWing2   Talks continue to unit Abadi and Maliki wings of Dawa despite deep rivalry between them Talks actually started before the election If do unit could be another glich in govt formation process as Sadr opposed to Maliki …

chattels    Joel Wing @JoelWing2     If Sadr pushes hard for technocratic govt and ending ethnosectarian quotas parties might flip on him to maintain status quo Could be repeat of 2010 when Allawi won but didnt get to form govt …

From Recaps comment Section:  Link

Leroy: Dr. Clarke,One additional thought, the others (and we know what you think of the others) mention the 90 days within the 2% compliance guideline.

They claim that it started on March 13th which would have it end around June 12th. You state that you believe that it will be ripe enough to pick the fruit the end of May which would be approximately 2 weeks short of the 90 day compliance guideline.

What is your best take or Illogical Opinion on this particular topic of impeding situations? Could the baby arrive 2 weeks earlier then what the guidelines would require, if in fact the guidelines are required?

Just some thoughts! In the Virginia Slims commercial they always said "You've come a long way baby!" That my friends we have. How I would love to have a party on the patio around the 4th of July! (allowing for time to plan)

DR. CLARKE (5-17-18):  Leroy: NO......90......DAYS. Nonsense.


GreatlyBlessed: How Much Money Do You Need to Be Wealthy in America?....

Personal Finance

A few million should do it. But for some, it’s not just about the cash—it’s what you do with it.

By Suzanne Woolley

May 15, 2018, 6:00 AM CDT

Many Americans cite leading a stress-free life and having “peace of mind” as their personal definition of wealth. That doesn’t sound too money-centric on the face of it—until you consider that money, or specifically the lack of it, is a major source of stress.

Americans don’t like to admit that assets can buy happiness—just 11 percent of those surveyed for the second annual Modern Wealth Index from Charles Schwab chose “having lots of money” as their definition of wealth.


Walkingstick: results are not in, any... stating the victor are premature ... Quite a few, red flag challenges... on the counts that have to be addressed... likely, manual count/s of certain polling stations.. although, highly unlikely.. bringing change the outcome

Frank26: COPY....... BUT WHEN THIS PART IS OVER.......... IMO.......... RI ....... UNABATING (smile)

Walkingstick: yep...

EPH320: un·a·bat·ing ˌənəˈbādiNG/  Adjective adjective: unabating
not weakening or losing intensity. "the wind was unabating"


Thursday UPDATE for May 17, 2018

Election results are expected sometime today.

Varying reports of election percentages are being labeled as false.

Abadi reportedly is NOT in the lead.

Payments to the Kurds are reportedly in significant amounts.

The Central bank of Iraq signs a MOU with VISA International.

Abadi alliance and Sadr alliance are expected to join together.

Parliament is holding a special meeting on Saturday to discuss their disfavor with the election results. Hmmmmmm?