May 22nd 6pm

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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

All sources involved in the RV process have gone quiet.

No information available at this time regarding the status of the RV process.

According to rumors, Tier 3 exchanges/redemptions will begin this week.

It has been reported several times that we're at the final stage of the RV process.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Operation Disclosure

​​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
May 22, 2018  Santiago, Chile

America’s Long-Term Challenge #3: Destruction Of The Currency
On April 2, 1792, George Washington signed into law what’s commonly referred to as the Mint and Coinage Act.

It was one of the first major pieces of legislation in the young country’s history… and it was an important one, because it formally created the United States dollar.

Under the Act, the US dollar was defined as a particular amount of copper, silver, or gold. It wasn’t just a piece of paper.

A $10 “eagle” coin, for example, was 16.04 grams of pure gold, whereas a 1 cent coin was 17.1 grams of copper.

The ratios between gold, silver, and copper were all fixed back then.

By Kathy Custren

It has taken eight (!) years, and news from the world of corporate media yesterday was that the CBS Corporation would not be required to pay the fine associated with the lawsuit stemming from the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction,” which occurred during the Super Bowl in 2004.…

Okay, so that took some time and a bit of legal maneuvering, you say. There are cases that take longer to reconcile, observe, and come back into balance.


Clare: Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & Teams...Awesome...Marvelous CC ...Just Amazing!!

Loaded with information...truth! Loved that - the CBI reached out to the NBI and many banks inside & outside of Iraq were given notice to update the software...WOW!

24 hour notice coming soon, in conjunction with releasing the ultimate 3..... that says it all.... but there was so much more...

Dinar has more value than the US Dolllar

CBI has the Rate & Date

Suitable environment is here!

Venturi effect of time in the RI

Honest Government is suitable Environment Now

We are in Control

Parallels of USA & Iraq

CC was loaded

Frank you closed with saying the Greatest of suitable environment is upon us...For such a time as this..for God's people!! I couldn't agree with you more..Because it's OUR TIME!


Tishwash: Yesterday on Franks call he accused “Sunny” of belonging and posting information from his “premium group.” I DO NOT belong to Franks premium group. The notes below were sent to me anonymously through a third party. 


Frank in a blue suit, blue vest, gold on white striped shirt with white/gold striped tie and pocket handkerchief sitting on his blue couch.  He is a snappy dresser.   All is in Franks opinion.

Sadr and Abadi working together.  Maliki is not needed. He’s done! Maliki was given two ultimatums he could not meet – to bring back the trillions he stole and the martyrs he killed.

Corruption was brought out in the election.   The General from Iran ran and Maliki is nowhere to be seen.  Without a political position you are stripped of your immunity.  USA has the evidence of Maliki’s wrongdoings.