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Re: MilitiaMan Post  LINK

SpeedRacer: Thanks MM, great job of putting things together. Something you didn't mention though: I think it was yesterday Samson brought in an article that talked about them giving the citizens 100,000 Dinar for EID.

That is less than $100 USD, a nice little gift but not enough to build a new life on.....UNLESS......

What if that IQD were put on the citizens cards or in their bank accounts with a hold on it for say 2 or 3 days. During that 2-3 days the CBI triggers the RI/RV and the citizens have a nice bank account to start EID and their new lives.

I can't think of any better way to kickstart the Iraqi economy than giving the citizens a bank account with the equivalent of between $100,000-$340,000 USD to start off their new life............and it would only cost the gov't $100 USD per person.

I know, that makes too much sense for a gov't to take care of it's people. LOL.

EID is coming up.........

Ancient Symbolism in Iraqi Dinar Reflects the End & New Beginnings

Meanwhile several people, including one reader, asked me if I wouldn’t mind researching some of the other symbols found in the 25000 note and other Dinar currency (see images below). I was glad to oblige. And not surprisingly, it turns out there is much more than ‘meets the eye’ to the symbols found on the new Dinar currency and its importance once it revalues.

The most significant symbol not discussed in the previous article (above left image) is in the bottom left corner on the 25000 note. At first it was hard to tell what it was – a lion with what looks like a human underneath. Then, I found its reference, and was pleased to discover that it is the symbol for the Goddess Ishtar, sometimes known as Inanna

Ancient Symbolism in Iraqi Dinar Reflects the End & New Beginnings 

Dinar is the currency for Iraq, and has been undergoing a revaluation for several years. The effort to revalue a country’s currency is not uncommon when an economy has changed dramatically as you can imagine Iraq’s has.

The intent of this undertaking is to obtain a more accurate value on a given currency to match its new economic posture in the world.

Meanwhile, something extraordinary was starring me in the face and recently came to my attention. While looking at the 25,000 Dinar note, I realized I was looking at ancient Sumerian symbols which reflects nothing short of the return of the ‘gods’, new prosperity, justice, and universal law. Here’s how:


MilitiaMan: A few thoughts of mine.. 1) About 1 week and 1 day (1:1 lol) ago a company called told their customers that they were to stop a program they were providing to customers. So what one might say? Well, no big deal to me I haven't any part of them. 

But, the fascinating thing is they spoke about it publicly and that it would cease to exist on 11:59 pm CST on 05/21/2019. Keep that date in your mind. As it is an important time frame.  

There was to be a vote on the Financial Management Law on 05/23/2019 that was suggested to have direct relationship to our investment as we know it. Well the day before on the 05/22/2019 there was an article that spoke of their being a lack of quorum. 

Well on the 22nd the CBI came out with https://cbi .iq/news/view/1111 effectively telling me that they have a rate for the Banks in an equivalency  for them to exchange current account balances for small groups of Iraq currency. 

Then the next day they gave us this https://cbi .iq/news/view/1116 whereby also telling me that they have a rate for the Banks in an equivalency for them to exchange from current account balances for small groups of Iraq currency. 

Private Banks

Best Banks to Stash My Million Dollars

By Tim Parker | Updated January 11, 2018

Not all banks are open to the public. Behind the front doors of the nation’s biggest banks are little-known private banks (https://www.investopedia .com/terms/p/privatebanking .asp) that are only available to high net worth individuals (HNW).

If you want to talk to these banks, you’ll need assets of $3 million or more. If that’s not a problem, keep reading for the lowdown on these banks. If that’s not you, take a look anyway. When you make your first $3 million, you’ll know where to go. 

(For more, see: Calculating Your Net Worth: Calculating Your Net Worth - https://www.investopedia .com/university/calculate-net-worth/net-worth-calculations.asp)

Why Use a Private Bank?


Red:  Anyone want to hear a fresh bank story?

I introduced a lady to the currency about 6 months ago , she has VND and IDR, a very modest amount, she is very outgoing and never meets a person that she cannot strike up a conversation with, so all the tellers know her and what she has purchased at this Tier 1 currency center bank.

Well she just called me all up in the air, telling me the branch manager guy had just called her out of the blue.... then he asked if there was a n y t h i n g further he could for her, So she asked him about the 800 numbers and when they were coming out (keeping in mind neither of them had said a word about foreign currency)

He went along and said they are to be out very soon but he didn’t know exactly when, then they got in a conversation about the currency she had bought from his branch, he told her 3 times to keep in touch and he will keep her updated as times goes by, then she asked about the rates and he said at this time he couldn’t directly speak about that topic, so she is floating on a cloud , not bad for a 84 yr old lady ....

Then she said she would call him often on the cell phone number he gave her…..and he agreed to that, I am almost on the cloud with her at this time….bty she doesn’t listen to calls ......she calls me 3 times per week for updates