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Doc.K: Using their own currency ...........   anybody have Lira ??

Samson:  The Turkish president calls on citizens to transfer their savings from the euro and the dollar to the lira

26th May, 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday called on citizens to turn their savings from the euro and the dollar to the lira.

"All foreign currencies in excess of their short-term needs have been converted into the Turkish lira as of Wednesday, in a move aimed at boosting the exchange rate of the lira," Anatolia news agency quoted the Istanbul Stock Exchange as saying.

DebTarHeelGirl: A personal note to you from my heart...

As you know through the years the GCR/RV intel that we have heard such as “exchanges will start on such a day and such a time” …and that news has come and gone. 

It's wonderful if some of us may have people of family relation that are workers in the GCR/RV process seeing that this does come to pass, but guess what, the real facilitators are not going to tell common citizens, guru or not of the exact release moment.

Why would they give the plan to anyone to help the “enemy” keep it in turmoil and delay it from coming to us at all?

Let this process, let it happen . Trust it's going to happen at the right time, we know in the natural things are processing, let it roll out…

Currency 365:

There will be a deal/partnership agreement between Iraq/Iran.

This agreement will not be a secret agreement but one the world will see.

It must be done to allow Iraq to prosper for a short period.

Got it confirmed this morning. peace

Post From BondLadys Corner
TLM724 Admin News Highlights & Comments ​ 5-26-18

TLM724 Administrator  The arrest of a gang with a counterfeit currency is internationally banned
Bertha News Agency 9 2018-05-25
A security force arrested a gang in the province of Babil in possession of a counterfeit currency that is not traded in the world.