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Thank you Dr. Clarke

DR. CLARKE (TODAY News 5-27-18):

Our “TODAY” News is Short and Sweet.

Things have changed a bit. As we said in our last Post 5-20-18 ( LINK ), May 24th did bring some Big News, in that the N. Korea meeting was cancelled by Pres. Trump.

We figured…..The meeting may still happen SOMETIME in June. This does NOT have to happen, before there’s an RV in Iraq & Vietnam. However, there are ties to it, because of China, and also the status of Iran and the Nuclear deal, that Pres. Trump cancelled. Negotiations are happening in the “Closet”, as we speak……

Given the status of “EVERYTHING” - The “Worldwide View”, we Believe, as of this writing “Today”, that Iraq will Officially & Publicly RV the Dinar, ANY DAY AFTER the Public Announcement of the next Prime Minister, as selected by the Sadr Camp - which looks to be Abadi…….and should happen ANY DAY NOW.

Frank26: DUST IS JUST ABOUT SETTLED .................... TA DA. 

Samson:  A spokesman for Sadr: We will end the formation of the largest bloc in two weeks
2018-05-27 at 10:00 (Baghdad time)

Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, said that the formation of the largest bloc will be completed within two weeks, while referring to the refusal of Maliki's return to the presidency of the government.

"We are seeking to form a new type of government, we have the outline of this program and we want to discuss it with other parties on how to achieve a full program," Al-Obeidi told NPR News.

"While previous governments have chosen a prime minister and a cabinet based on party loyalty and quotas, the formation of a new government must first be in agreement on a reform program and a cabinet of qualified people to run the government," he said.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday  5-27-18  

Xyz   Sadr agrees to a second term of worship for 9 terms and attention goes to the Kurds 

Zig   ...There are 195 countries in the world

Zig    EMAIL FROM VIC OF THE GATEKEEPERS........"Hello Zig, yes it's been awhile... I have been wanting to do a call...

I must say from the get go that it will not be entirely based on The Dinar though... So much has and will continue to happen in the positive realm of things since Mr.Trump has become, President Trump...

The Main Stream News Media, hates Him... Why?.. Well there are many reasons... I might add that if President Trump calls it Fake News here, what should we expect from Iraqi News?... The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth?...


Don961:  The government pays $ 230 million for the city of Basmaya

2018/5/26 05:23:04 PM 

The Hanawah Engineering and Construction Company announced on May 24 that it had received an additional 230 million US dollars from the Iraqi government for work in the first half of this year to build the new city of Basmaya in Iraq.

The project includes the construction of the new city with about 100,000 housing units and infrastructure near the capital Baghdad. The total contract is $ 10.1 billion. So far, Hanhua has received a total of $ 3.47 billion, equivalent to 34.7 percent of the total contract value.

The $ 230 million raised this time was paid on three separate occasions during the Iraqi elections. The third and final payment was made on May 23 after the general election in Iraq, indicating the government's will to stabilize the new city, regardless On political positions, according to the Korean company Hanwha.

You would be amazed by how much conflict could be ended simply by the parties listening to each other.

Dealing with Conflict Through Listening

In working as an analyst and as a clinical psychologist, I’ve learned that it’s best to listen, listen, listen, and then listen some more before responding.

This course of action is especially wise whenever the person I am working with is upset. When it comes to conflict resolution strategies, at the top of the list is the art of listening.

Listening does not mean remaining silent while being focused on what you want to say next rather than what the other person is saying.