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Here’s How Much Money You Need for Bankers to Think You’re Rich
By Suzanne Woolley

May 23, 2018, 5:00 AM EDT
Just how rich is “rich?”

In an era of hyper-wealth, economy-class rich starts at $25 million.
The answer, of course, depends on who’s asking—and these days, many are.
In rich-tropolises such as New York and London, 1 percenters moan that living on $500,000 a year feels Dickensian. With a pot of $40 million—and private schools, a Hamptons retreat, a horse and a charity to feed—a hedge funder on the Showtime drama “Billions” exclaims: “*****! I’m broke!”
Here, then, is a real answer, courtesy of the hush-hush world of private banking: $25 million.
Twenty-five million dollars in investable wealth. The kind of money you could afford to see dip into the red for a quarter or three, maybe even a year or two, without breaking a sweat. With $25 million, maybe, just maybe, you're starting to be rich. 


Contributed from a member......

A friend overextended while at the casino Saturday and needed some "get back home" money and decided to go to a bank and exchange some dong expecting to get approximately $39 - $45 for one million dong.

The bank staff person said they could exchange the currency if they insisted, but informed them that they would be happier if they would wait until Tuesday (maybe even Monday) to exchange that currency.

The friend decided to have someone send them some money via Western Union instead.


DinarDiva1: Article: “A spokesman for Sadr: We will end the formation of the largest bloc in two weeks” So they need 2 more weeks then govt will be formed?
Venustwo2: The next 2 weeks we will be in the middle of the year. I remember it has always been said, last quarter, first quarter, middle of the year is what Dr. Shabibi preferred for the R/I of the dinar and it is playing out beautifully imo.

Pattycakes77: You are right. I cannot remember what year it was when Shabibi wanted to R/I but it was during the month of June. Early June. 
Fuze: June 6, 2014! It was actually mentioned in a MOF document. I recall well because that was the back wall date I gave to a few Dinar giftee's of mine, in October 2013....

Doc.K: MID YEAR coming up ...... accounting .... bookkeeping , contracts... etc.
maybe they can start their New Mid Year books with a New Rate ? 
Timing - June through the 1st half of July (before July 15 IMF rate) will allow this.
Final 6 weeks ......  or less ...... IMO    Hang in there !!

Keeping Your Sanity In A Time Of Political Unrest
OMTimes Magazine By Susan Schueler
Volatile Mix of Political Unrest and Social Media
Political unrest seems very prevalent. The old adage about not speaking politics at polite gatherings seems to have gone out the window with our social media today.
Regardless if you voted for Trump, think the current travel ban is protecting you from a terrorist attack, believe a wall between Mexico and the U.S. is a complete waste of money, or that Obama had a bigger turn out for his inauguration than Trump; one thing is certain, these are tumultuous times in the United States, and everyone has an opinion!