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SusanaC:  Bruce call last nite----1. recvd concerns from people who are desperate: still waiting for rv & 800#s, 800#s the ones that went out were a test using 4 indiv no redemption, afgani in 1rst basket,

4. confident in RV---time windows expecte failed, 5. atms at airports in iraq have low denoms, 4. ustn live at 4;30 pm yesterday...not widely distributed,

6. hold on don't give up, 7. tier 4 group source 20% acess of funds starting today we will follow in same time window, 8. zim june first, 9. 6/1 is date for platoform start...we go between 5/29 and 6/1 platforms, start….new window 5/29-6/1

Fuze:  GM, in country once the rate change, IF the rate is consistent with the rate they published to use IN COUNTRY in the old US congressional report; 100,000 iqd would equal between $83,000.00 to $92,000.00 us

Thank you PinkRoses


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit about we have received a few people that have written in that let’s face it they have lost hope.

They wonder if maybe they got a situation that they have gotten scammed, or maybe they have followed something for a long time that has not just come to fruition yet and they feel jaded.

They feel, I do not know how to say it any better. What I can say to that is I have been in this just about as long as anyone has being my 15th year. I have been told a lot of things. I have followed a lot of things. I have had to glean information from a lot of sources. A lot of things I have read. Some things I have heard on calls. Of course, I have, as you know started the Big Call and we are in our 8th year.

Bruce: So, we have had people that have been listening to us solid for 8 years, and I appreciate that.

From Our Archives - Especially for our newcomers to the investment and any and all others who welcome information to aide in preparation for our exchange - You may want to copy and save this in a file folder for future reference - Thanks To Mother Esq for sharing

Emailed to Recaps:

"Why Take an Event that Could be Non-Taxable and Make it Taxable?"
by Mother Esq. Sunday 5-20-18

Comments & Reflections:

I have been reluctant to make postings for many various reasons.

• Often I state something and I am questioned by “arm chair quarterbacks”

• I am asked for legal advice and I feel guilty for not taking time to respond, but neither should I.

• The information shared is ad nauseam — I have shared over and over during the years and yet the same questions keep coming up. . .At some point I have to realize that “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What”.