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Don961: The Iraqi Trade Bank Announces The Transfer Of 214 Billion Dinars To The Ministry Of Finance


On May 28, 2018    Baghdad - conscious 

The director of the Iraqi Trade Bank Faisal Al-Hims transferred 214 billion dinars to the Ministry of Finance. 

"The bank is about 50 percent of its 2017 profits to the Ministry of Finance for the second year in a row," Homs said in a ceremony attended by "Conscious" on Monday.    link

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 5-28-18  

Dave   searching around for news on achieving quorum today......could not get translation from chattels recent link

ElmerFudd   Why ar they trying to cancel some of the results?

Doug_W   ElmerFudd political gain benefiting them

Dave   votes from abroad and the displaced
Dave   Doug_W Immunity for many of them

Doug_W   that too

Dave   Biggest reason......?

Doug_W   WHO knows?

From Our Archives For Your Contemplation
Post From TNT By Daz 
Detailed Post RV Plan Part 2 of 2

Within my agreements it will be stated that i am not to be contacted by anyone other than the guy/gal (Wealth Manager) that I decide to do business with, no salesmen, nobody (unless you want 200 people calling you). That my contact info is strictly private and his/her "EYES ONLY".

Also, that all my new personal or business account information is wiped from all front teller screens and assistant manager screens etc...and only accessible by the ONE GUY IN THE BACK. …my Guy.

And, the agreements include that NONE of my info will be distributed to anyone without signature and personal waiver lifting those restrictions on a case-by-case basis. I want to set it up the way it best suits and my lifestyle.

If that all goes well... and you're happy there...they are cooperating and friendly...and you feel good about it and, you're settled in. And you've decided to go with the person at that bank or maybe their team...its time to get down to business.

From Our Archives For Your Contemplation
Post From TNT By Daz  

Detailed Post Rv Plan... Part 1 of 2

Here's mine, what does yours look like?... Security, Safety and Privacy

Private property.. not for redistribution

Here's what i've got so far........

FIRST THING after it RV's if not sooner...go get a new disposable cell phone with new cell number for security, with a big minute package 2000+ minutes, YOU CAN AFFORD IT...this is business line use only.

Disable "GPS location" in the menu before making even the first call. (One of these days you may want to shift a few of the business contacts to a single personal line …and throw the business phone and everything attached to it away…get rid of it completely…and go on with life without people hassling you for money and services for the next 20 years).


SassyD: A Bit of ADVICE: Post-RV........ Pay for a great computer expert to LOCK DOWN your SECURITY on ALL your PC's, Tablets, Cell Phones, etc., as much as possible !!!!

Fullsail: Paulsen's rule.... data is only secure to the point of the cost to obtain it (paraphrase)... meaning if it costs more to obtain than the value it is not worth the hackers time or money. Soon it will be worth it after rv. be careful, do research so you understand.

Firewalls, VPN, and staying OFFline as much as possible, meaning 3 reasons to be online.... stay offline unless you are updating, surfing, checking email. Unplug or disconnect otherwise until next session. They cant mess with you if you'r not online. imo.'