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Sam Oliver: (Gold, Silver and Dollar Index Commitment of Traders Reports) This report comes out at the end of the week on Saturday and shows the direction of the Gold, Silver, and Dollar market for the following week by the commitments traders make in the market.

It looks like what we talked about this morning is the future of next week.

www.usagold .com/cpmforum/2019/05/04/gold-spec-bets-rebound-this-week/

When Qantitative Easing (endless printing of money) is implemented, the markets will be pushed upward or inflated one more time and many of the traders will exchange their gold temporarily for stock contracts so they can ride the wave up.

When you see them pull back on the markets a final time and return to the gold market, we will have the justification for a gold backed currency to be announced publically.

I do expect it to start this week. Enjoy the ride my friends and hold on to those golden tickets/foreign currencies. They are your passports for the ride of your life.  Sam Oliver

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night  5-4-19  

Young SC  You notice how a lot of things are getting done without those 3 4 seats being filled? And so called laws not getting passed but yet they are opening their own Iraqi trade bank in another country but yet they still have so called restrictions on them??

Young SC  Doug_W To have a reinstated currency those 4 or 3 seats in the cabinet have to be filled right? So who said that??

Young SC  Who has been saying that?

Doug_W  it was not Me
Doug_W  I do NOT follow any gurus or similar "sources" so IDK who might hnave said that to me its is irrelevant

Young SC  My point is if it really was that very important would you guys not think they would have settled that by now??

By Claire Martin April 27, 2019

This story tells the details of what happens / what can happen when someone dies alone with no apparent family and no will

He spent years scrimping and saving. But without a will, where’s his money going?

On the afternoon of Aug. 22, 2015, Dale Tisserand and Melani Rodrigue opened the front door to a small white house in Corning, Calif., a town of 7,500 about 115 miles north of Sacramento.

The women, who’d been given the keys by local police, are investigators for the office of the Tehama County Public Administrator. They knew the owner had died in the house the previous week and that his name was Eugene Brown.

The neighborhood mail carrier was the one who’d called the police. Every day, Brown would wait for her in a chair by his door, and the two would exchange pleasantries. But for the past five days, there’d been no sign of him. Police did a welfare check and discovered his body in a pool of dried blood by the toilet.

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13 Things to Do If You Suddenly Become Filthy Rich

Becoming rich instantly, or in a very short period, is part of the great American dream. It happens each and every day to someone. What many people fail to consider ahead of time is that becoming wealthy also comes with great responsibility.

People can become wealthy in many ways. Some sell a business or an asset.

Some people become wealthy in a very short period because of a smart or lucky investment. Some of the instantly wealthy win the lottery, win a legal judgment or receive a settlement.

Others inherit more money than they expected, and some inherit money that they never knew was coming to them.

And some people with stock options become instantly wealthy on paper if they have stock options when their employer has an initial public offering or gets acquired.