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Seven Reasons Making 6 Figures Alone Won’t Make You Wealthy
By Michael | May 3, 2019 | Budget, Finance
Why Making 6 Figures Won’t Make You Wealthy
Earning a six-figure salary can make building wealth easier, but it’s not a magic solution for your financial woes. Earning a high income is only one part of the equation. If you want to be financially secure, you need to make your money work for you.
A big paycheck can make it easy to gloss over financial mistakes since you can still cover your bills. However, if you want to build wealth rather than an inflated lifestyle, you need to focus on reaching your full financial potential.

11 Awesome Jedi Lessons for Your Money
May 4, 2019 By Mr. The Poor Swiss
11 Awesome Jedi Lessons for Your Money
In honor of May 4th (May The Fourth), I gathered some Jedi wisdom for your Personal Finances. I have found 11 inspirational quotes from characters from various Jedi from the Star Wars Universe that could be applied to money lessons.
There are many great quotes in Star Wars. Mostly from the great Master Yoda and his crazy talking that makes him so well-liked. But other Jedi Masters are also generous with wisdom quotes. Most of the quotes do not directly apply to finance. Here are 11 quotes that can apply to your personal finances.
May the Force be with you. Yoda

Welcome To The Unknown Zone
By Dr. Dinar
How on Earth can we still be here? And by "here", I mean on this journey. This journey to a place no one has ever been. To a destination that doesn't exist on any map. At least not on a map that we can purchase. Certainly not at our pay grade anyway.
Nope. Whatever is (or isn't) going on here, either in front of or behind the scenes, is rated GCRCO (Global Currency Reset Committee Only). Yep, like it or not, the GCR Committee has cranked up the Parental Controls to full on "No Peeking - No Speaking" mode.
Strictly a "need to know" basis and apparently, there must be a bit of confusion because for some strange reason, they're under the impression we don't need to know. Oh, if they only knew how wrong they are, I just know they'd change their minds. Well, I'd like to think so anyway.
As we eek into the supposed final stretch of this far too long, get rich not all that quickly, not quite overnight journey, all of the so-called "Sources" have basically clammed up. Shut down, zipped their lips, gone the way of the NDA and I must admit; the silence is deafening. And if left unchecked, a bit disheartening as well.


Friday and Saturday UPDATE for May 3 and 4, 2019

Friday -

Citizens were being told that their purchasing power (value of their currency) will increase before June. PM Mahdi is stating that Iraqis moving in a positive direction.


PM Mahdi has returned to Baghdad from his European trip. [Reminder: Last Wednesday Iraqi TV was broadcasting that the cabinet selections will be concluded upon Mahdi's return from his European trip.

Some US Banks have staff on alert over the weekend.

Iraqi TV reports that PM Mahdi asserts sending names for the last 4 cabinet positions, yet Parliament claims to have not received such names. Parliament is claiming to be faultless for the cabinet not being completed today.

Iraq has opened more of its "closed for several years" streets, but not all have been opened yet.

Late evening reports are coming in of some Kurdistan contractors being paid at a new, and improved currency rate? Time Will Tell


Samson: UN pays $ 240 million to Kuwait on behalf of Iraq

4th May, 2019

The United Nations Compensation Commission announced on Saturday that it had paid a sum of money to Kuwait on behalf of Iraq.
The Commission said in a statement read by Alsumaria News, "The Commission paid $ 240 million to a Kuwaiti oil company as compensation for war, stressing that" Iraq should now allocate a total of 1.5% of its oil exports to the Compensation Fund."

She added that "the issue that was paid compensation Of which is one of 1.5 billion dollars in total funds required to compensate more than one hundred organizations and a Kuwaiti official circle."    LINK