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Sam Oliver: The final showdown is here.The volatility index was high yesterday, and it looks like it is getting higher this morning. Why is it important? The volatility index is sometimes known as the "fear index" because it determines the level of risks that are ahead on the market.

China and the US are on a collision course that will greatly effect our markets unless some sort of agreement is made.

I watched it a little this morning as reports between these two great titans are employing some of their best attempts to govern a market that has gone out of control. When the "fear index" runs high, you see people with little to no experience in handling these movements pull away from the market.

Less volume means less protection for those hiding behind their agendas they convinced people like you and me to "buy into" known as perception management in a market.

Good and Bad ideas will reveal themselves. This move gets to be highly risky for a world economy.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night  5-6-19  Part 2 of 2

Xyz  Four billion dinars of counterfeit currency enter monetary transactions in Iraq

http://www.akhbar-alkhaleej .com/news/article/1166042  

Iraqi banking parties accuse parties, mafia and armed groups of entering large amounts of counterfeit Iraqi currency into daily trading in local markets!

While Iraqi politicians admitted that they were drowning the Iraqi market in counterfeit currency in the time of the former regime, a senior official in the Central Bank of Iraq said that 200 million dinars are discovered monthly by government and private banking agencies.

The Director of the Department of Issuance and Treasury in the Central Bank Jafar Ghulam that 4 billion dinars of counterfeit currency entered daily transactions and that 200 million of them are discovered monthly through citizens who are usually victims of this forgery.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night  5-6-19 Part 1 of 2

Xyz   News been incredible today thus far
Xyz  LONG ARTICLE BUT WORTHY READING ....   The Iraq War Was Not About Oil 
https://quillette .com/2019/05/06/the-iraq-war-was-not-about-oil/

Future  just an FYI parliament and the GOI doesnt stop workin because of Ramadan
Future  they do hold sessions   and they have before
Young SC  future indeed
Young SC  Everytime i come back to this chat room everyone here is so negative 
Future  lol young SC ive noticed
Future  i get it to a degree  everyone is tired of waiting


Popeye7: IMO We are still in anytime mode... The IMF has already given the go ahead for the 3 zero's to be eliminated from Iraq's dinar... So why would they double speak... Iraq is ready for this..

The i's have been dotted, and the t's crossed as Frank, Delta, WS, MM, and the teams have declared many times... There is nothing left to wait for, and I agree with them...

If Iraq tries any of their prior shenanigans, it will not bode well for the Iraqi citizen... This includes those who are in leadership positions...

Our military is only reenforcing our presence in the region to ensure that all goes smoothly IMO... In fact all is IMO... But I am in great company...