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Iobey777: WOW, FRANK!!!! I can see clearly now what is taking place!!!Love it!! IMO..China shows up Friday and either takes the "deal" Trump has offered, or they don't and they lose out on the "deal of the century"!!!! IMO..I think they will take the deal and we may possibly see the RI released this weekend!!! All IMO only!!! Let the FIREWORKS begin!!

Hoot: just my opinion but if the amir of china is going to dc and they do actually make a deal this week then i believe we could see what we seek on sunday....all imo

MW:  WOW!!! Thank you FRANK!!!! Just imagine if this RI happens this weekend... it would be the MOTHER OF ALL GIFTS TO MOTHERS ON SUNDAY!!!!!

​IQDCalls Chat Early Tuesday  5-7-19  Part 2 of 2
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  5-7-19  Part 2 of 2

Woke AF  Look guys, I can't talk to nobody in my house about the Iraqi dinar none of my children want to hear about it nor my husband. None of them believe it. I need you guys to stay positive and stay with me on this journey!

Woke AF  Cuz if not I'm going to be the only one in the whole wide world saying I told you so!

Larrykn  Woke AF I believe this will happen , otherwise I wouldn't be here

Woke AF  Admit it I'll you Old-Timers, we further now then we been right?
Woke AF  larrykn my hero~

Larrykn  I'm not sure about June but it will happen

​IQDCalls Chat Early Tuesday  5-7-19  Part 1 of 2
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  5-7-19  Part 2 of 2

Larrykn  Ministry of Finance: higher oil prices contributed to fill one-third of the federal budget deficit

Business & money   Economy news _ Baghdad  Finance Undersecretary ruled out Maher Hammad Johan, Tuesday, the Ministry set up supplementary budget year the event, noting that art FENS as a disgrace not only contributes to global oil filling one third of the federal budget deficit.

Johan said in an interview with the newspaper the morning "official and obtained by the news," economy "," no d n j e l l h k m e and Ministry to prepare this year's supplementary budget, its execution being essentially federal deficit of up to 30 t real j Wen di n r, and in preparation of its execution Supplements can be achieved only with abundance of finance and the federal budget deficit lack. "


Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight.  Let’s talk about what is happening. 

What is really interesting a lot has been happening, but we have been in a slow and soft roll out of this RV GCR. That is actually what they have termed it. Slow and soft roll out, and I say Yes, we all know it has been kind of slow because it hasn’t rolled out to us yet. Right? 

But it has been going, and I think I talked to you last Tuesday and Thursday certainly about some of the Packets. Some say Packages. Some say Packets that have gone out, and they have gone out. We have had some of these Adjudicated Settlement Packets go out where we had 33 states covered by Friday night.

Bruce: Then we had additional Packets going out over the weekend. Then they kind of slowed down even though it did resume at 10:00 am yesterday morning with more deliveries, but here is the thing. What we are understanding is those packets should be finished either overnight or sometime tomorrow morning.


LinnieQ: Since Iraq blew right through another window, maybe Trump has "had it" with them. Patience is NOT his middle name. Praying for positive results of Pompeo's visit. For Iraq and for all involved in this never ending saga

Vinterv: Pompeo on the ground for 4 hours, spoke with Abadhi...said he wanted to talk to the leadership there and tell them US is there to keep them a sovereign country...

Transitions: Well, the media earlier wanted to know, the priority diversion from Chancellor Merkel. Iraq, for all, that ensures security, with the military fleet, stabilizing Iran from blocking Hormuz Strait, and now the agreements needed for Iraq to activate recommendations, of IMF, towards international transactions, hopefully including currency value changes.

Suggar: The sec has given what we hope is the last piece before release.....

Rock1941: i still don't believe iraq is holding it up, they didn't turn thr $ off and they are waiting on those that did to turn it on jmo