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March 6th
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News, Rumors and Opinions Monday Morning 3-6-17


Walkingstick: Sources for "tomorrow Press": Abadi, will visit the United States and Jordan this month

16 minutes ago

according to informed sources, on Monday, that the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, will visit this month , both the United States and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, while sources said that Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit will visit Baghdad this month as well.

He told a source in the Council of Ministers "Tomorrow Press", "Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi visit, this month, both the United States and the Kingdom of Jordan."

He said another source in an interview with "tomorrow Press" that " the Secretary - General of the Arab League , Ahmed Aboul Gheit will visit Iraq during the current month as well."

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat  3-5-17   

​BGG & Company News Time 3-5-17  Part 3 of 3
BGG says():The source added that "Nuri al-Maliki in poor health, according to advice from doctors he must stay away from all Maysbb him tension and stress, noting that" al-Maliki in the process of making a decision to stay away from the noise of the coming elections and appoint these tasks to Linda in the call and was succeeded by the party in the Prime Minister Haider Abadi. "
The source added that "the financial Sitferg management business advocacy and logistics party in proportion to the health and place." 

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat  3-5-17  

BGG & Company News Time 3-5-17  Part 2 of 3

BGG says():OK gang - let's get this thing going!!  OK gang - let's get this thing going!!
Time to get News Time off the ground.  We all ready??
Elilali says():BGG, we were born ready
jeffusa says():let's do this
ghost757 says():yep
dale says to AAADR():Yup
SRW says to BGG():Lets Roll...
BGG says to SRW():I like that - "Let's Roll"

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Sunday PM Chat  3-5-17   

BGG & Company News Time 3-5-17  Part 1 of 3

GoldenBear says():Warnings of severe deterioration of the dinar after the appetite for dollar: http://www.dananernews.com/news?ID=8108
BGG says to GoldenBear():Interesting - but that isn't saying what you think it is...
BGG says to GoldenBear():I will talk about it later tonite.
GoldenBear says():Thanks BGG! I look forward to your response tonight, as always!!!! Much appreciated!!!

.More News, Rumors and Humor Late Sunday Night 3-5-17

From Recaps Comment Section:

Ralph:  Regardless of what any intel provider or Guru is saying, it is more than obvious that the Iraqi Dinar has re-valued their currency, as they are selling sovereign bonds ( only to other sovereign nations)

Many countries have been and continue to grant them enormous loans for rebuilding their country, and many worldwide corporations have been and will continue to invest in Iraq as they are receiving an enormous return on investment.

As one can readily see, this is business as usual.......THE HOGS GET FEED FIRST. But, do not despair, all of us currency holder piglets will also be slopped at the trough.

.News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Night 3-5-17


AdonisMale:  Mangelo are  we anticipating something big tonight?

Mangelo: tomorrow should be a very exciting day..... confirming updates..

Lilypad:  05-03-2017 02:18 PM  US President Donald Trump plans on Monday to sign a new executive order on immigration; Officials at Trump 's management said that the president will sign the executive order at the headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security,

Lilypad:  Iraq's forces control governmental complex in Mosul March 05 2017 07:4​0 PM Breaking Iraq's Federal Police and Rapid Response Forces cont​rolled on Sunday the governmental complex in the right bank of the Mos​ul city of Nineveh governorate. The forces are currently chasing ISIS ​terrorists. More details will be reported soon.http://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/story/7779/Iraq-s-forces-control-gove​rnmental-complex-in-Mosul

SaBickford:  This RV is like Breeding Elephants - Done with ALOT of Roaring and Screaming and takes A Long Time to get things done

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