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​Wealth Preservation Strategies Of The Rich

Protecting your wealth for the future
You and I are advised to put our money into simple portfolios and to invest in shares for the long-term for our retirement.

But once the preservation of wealth becomes more important than growing it, other strategies come into play.

The preservation of wealth for the super-rich usually entails:


Rich4hyip: thanks delta for the report, does that mean the process of canceling auction coming to an end. 


Samson: “Fouad Hussein visits the Baghdad exhibition and confirms: The next phase is moving towards strengthening the economy”    LINK

Iobey777: Now let's see...what would be the fastest and best way to strengthen the economy? Oh yeah!!! RAISE THE RATE!!!! IMO!!

Post From Monevator
Motivation For The Armchair Investors
Coping With The Guilt Of Losing Money
By The Investor

I accept it’s normal to feel frustrated, angry, or even downright stupid when you lose money on your investments.

But what about guilt?

My portfolio’s fall from its peak value in summer 2007 to a low in October 2008 represents a big loss for a 30-something private investor like me: at least a couple of years of after-tax income in cash terms.

More importantly, the losses meant I had fewer options in October 2008 than the year before. I’d originally begun investing to build up a house-buying war chest for when the over-valued housing market corrected itself.
After several years waiting, house prices were finally falling, but my investments had fallen further.

Part 2

Within my agreements it will be stated that i am not to be contacted by anyone other than the guy/gal (Wealth Manager) that I decide to do business with, no salesmen, nobody (unless you want 200 people calling you). That my contact info is strictly private and his/her "EYES ONLY".

Also, that all my new personal or business account information is wiped from all front teller screens and assistant manager screens etc...and only accessible by the ONE GUY IN THE BACK. …my Guy.

And, the agreements include that NONE of my info will be distributed to anyone without signature and personal waiver lifting those restrictions on a case-by-case basis. I want to set it up the way it best suits and my lifestyle.

If that all goes well... and you're happy there...they are cooperating and friendly...and you feel good about it and, you're settled in. And you've decided to go with the person at that bank or maybe their team...its time to get down to business.

Even though Daz passed away last year- there are some good tips in his exchange plan ......some things may not still be relevant or fit your personal situation.....just use what you feel good about and ignore what doesnt...RIP Daz

Post From TNT By Daz  

Detailed Post Rv Plan... Part 1 of 2

Here's mine, what does yours look like?... Security, Safety and Privacy

Here's what i've got so far........

FIRST THING after it RV's if not sooner...go get a new disposable cell phone with new cell number for security, with a big minute package 2000+ minutes, YOU CAN AFFORD IT...this is business line use only.