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​Post From the Humble Dollar
Thinking About Money
By Jonathan Clements | October 20, 2018
I HAVE SPENT 33 YEARS writing and thinking about money. I’m not sure it’s the most uplifting way to spend one’s life, but it’s kept me busy and—for the most part—out of trouble.
Two years ago, I took some of the financial ideas that have especially intrigued me over the past three decades, and I brought them together in a slim volume called How to Think About Money. The book proved surprisingly popular, so I recently updated it for a global audience.
How to Think About Money touches on topics such as happiness research, our rising life expectancy, behavioral finance and the importance of our human capital—and then teases out the implications for our financial lives. 


Rommy: In My Opinion:  Mr. Trump: "Well Mr. Mahdi, you have all the calculations completed, and successfully tested many times. Everything is completed and in place. Time is near. Certainly a short phone call is all that is necessary to solve your issue?"

Walkingstick: Abdul-Mahdi aspires to meet Trump before the disaster comes after 45 days
6 hours ago    Link

real disaster in Iraq after the 45-day deadline for Baghdad to stop importing gas and electricity from Iran, the newspaper Okaz reported.

The newspaper also said in its report that "Iraqi personalities suggested to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to go to Washington, to meet US President Donald Trump to prevent a disaster in Iraq if the 45-day deadline granted by Washington to Baghdad to stop the import of electricity from Iran."

Benjamin Fulford:  Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

“Jesus Christ to marry Asian Goddess” as East-West secret societies agree to save planet

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

For the first time in history, Eastern and Western secret societies have agreed to work together for the benefit of the planet, secret society sources say. As one Western secret society source put it, “Jesus Christ is going to get married to Guan Yin [the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy].”

The result is that unlimited funding is going to be made available to fund projects to help the living creatures of this planet, human and otherwise, the sources say. However, since we are entering historically uncharted waters, it will probably take a few months before the actual work can begin, the sources say.


Samson: The Iraqi Stock Exchange decided to suspend its work next Tuesday

15th November, 2018

Iraq Stock Exchange decided to suspend its work next Tuesday, 20 November, on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet

The bourse said in a statement Thursday that trading sessions will resume on Wednesday 21 November

The Iraqi Stock Exchange suspended its work on October 30 last year on the occasion of the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Imam Hussein    LINK