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Randy Koonce: I am adding a date to archive..Sunday, November 18, 2018

To All Hopeful Citizens in Dinarland: How are you makin it.

Well, it seems that the “USS Dinar” continues to sail. However, it does look like this ship is about to hopefully arrive in port very soon.

Here is a quick synopsis of what is happening right now. First, are we in a new window of opportunity ‘right now’. And I am sure that everyone is like me, and hoping that this will be our last window.

When I say that, it again does not mean it will happen without a doubt in this current window; it does mean that there is a very good chance for the rate to finally change.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 11-17-18  Part 2 of 2

Spectra  TWWIII so the sooner the better that will make a great gift for the holidays for the entire nation....
Spectra  TWWIII plus a RV OF COURSE …

TWWIII  Spectra I believe from a few of my contacts over there that Iraq will do the same with Kuwait in 1991 will do a RI b/c Iraq has its own currency already

Spectra  TWWIII why not we read artcles stating they will return the dinar back too the glory days!
Spectra  we have short memory's

TWWIII  Spectra Iraq has been taking its lead from Kuwait for sometime now

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 11-18-18  Part 1 of 2

Zig  I received two e-mails from two online "friends" 2010......urging me to hurry up and get Dinar or I would miss

Dave  not much has changed..... rhetoric just gets recycled

Baxter  yep... we are still here and 2019 is right around the next bend

Zig  Seems ridiculous now.....can't believe I am still in a chat room and visit

Dave  37 sleeps til Xmas

JieSchmoe I remember back in 2010, a guru or antiguru was saying not until 2012. Everyone hated the guy. Now some are saying past 2020.

​Post From TNT By SpiritBear

​From hiding their mansions on Google Maps to building $500,000 panic rooms, rich people are sparing no expense to keep their lives private and secure
By Hillary Hoffower

Rich people have always been private, but their desire for privacy has increased as they seek more security in a technological age.
But in an age of constant connection, some ultra-rich are reeling in the flashiness in the name of safety.

Experts in high-end security say wealthy people are living under-the-radar at home and while traveling.


Lexi: So they can do these bonds without showing us the new rate correct? Like Walkingstick said, not their 1st rodeo- 

StephenMac63:  Its not the first rodeo, for sure.

Heres my take. The article says its for Iraqi Market, which, imo, is not International, its National.

Right now a dinar is a dinar. Its only when you compare the values between an IQD and a USD do you see a range.

The big clue to me was the fact that it was in classifications of 5 million dinar. Many folks in DinarLand have that so to offer only a 5 million dinar bond was odd........unless there was a reason. IMO, since it was only for Iraq and a dinar is a dinar, the reason is to get the Iraqi citizens to turn in the higher notes (the 3 zero notes). The CBI wants to get the larger notes off of the street and are using various options, with a bond sale being one of them.


Good Evening,

A New Monetary System is ending the corrupt Cabal’s criminal usury.

The false monetary system has blocked reasonable thinking

Humanity today is struggling to maintain itself, to further the industrial and commercial activity of the world that was established when gold was money. To realize; what we have today is deliberately planned total chaos. Look at real estate and share prices; they are completely loose from reality.

This chaos prevails because humanity is no longer in contact with the realities of the physical world: rational human activity is disconnected from those realities, due to the false money numbers, that are between us and the physical world, upon which people must act accordingly to reason, which is an impossibility.

The only special characteristic of numbers is that they move about the Internet within a carefully controlled system, that prevent unauthorized access to it. Only the owner of. a Crypto-digit, can dispose of it by sending it to someone else.


PKG: Except nowhere does it say these bonds are being sold in the INTERNATIONAL market....I read this as saying the bonds are being sold within Iraq.  Someone help me here, please...  

Don961: The Stock Market Announces The Launch Of National Bond Trading


In 2018-11-14   Baghdad - conscious

The Iraqi market for securities, announced on Wednesday, the launch of the circulation of national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq category five million dinars.

In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, said that "the deposit of the second national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in April 2017 of five million dinars, due in April 2019 have been achieved and will be traded Within the market ".

"The bonds will be launched on November 18 this year, for the first time in the Iraqi market for securities," he said  Link - http://ina .iq/archives/79179