November 21st 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  11-21-18  

Joe    hi i had a question.. i have one of the 25,000 bank notes. when there is a one to one rate. can i exchange them for lower notes to avoid loosing money?? if iraq does launch the new lower notes. can i buy them? will they be exported to america?? or is that just for iraq?

Doug_W  joe are U new here?
Joe  yes
Joe  will it be posssible to buy the 1, 10, 50, 100 IQD in the usa banks??
joe  all ive got is the 25k notes and some 500 notes

Woke AF  Idk, the LD's aren't out yet... are you in the US?


Kue11: Today is the day the Lord has given us. Rejoice in it.

Manelo: I hope everyone has an exciting day!! Since early this week i called my friend and she called her relatives in Iraq they confirmed the rate increase and where told to expect more is good enough for me! And what Ray and Tony ar saying makes me happy.... other things are coming in and I expect a great call! enjoy your day!

Kman: Considering what I heard on a call last night, it sure sounds like Friday is going to be the day and I don't mean what Bruce said on his call, it was another call which matches up with what Tony has been saying.

Mangelo: KMAN I will agree with you, getting information from some private sites and other calls all look to me! C'mon

Kman: Mangelo, I truly believe we are right on the cusp of this baby being born. The wolrd needs a new paradigm and we'll be the worlds new movers and shakers....:) After all the years of waundering in the wilderness, we're nearly home.


Samson: The stock market is trading government bonds worth more than one billion dinars

21st November, 2018

The circulation of the Iraqi market for securities, Wednesday, government bonds and the value of more than one billion dinars. 

"The market started trading for today, the second government bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, which will end in April 2019," Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, the market's executive director, said in a statement received by Mawazine News.  

And Abdul Salam, that "the number of bonds for the second issue, which was traded on the market for today amounted to 350 bonds and the value of more than one billion eight hundred million dinars." 

The Executive Director, that "the category of one bond is (five million dinars)," asserting that "this trading is the first of its kind in the Iraqi market for securities."  LINK -