November 22nd 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 11-22-18  

JoeSchmoe   So what's the gist of this trump and dinar thing? Is the whole thing good or bad for us?

Doug_W that was taken from a VERY slanted piece given the reporter by Woke AF he is a creep Joe ignore it

JoeSchmoe  okay, but I was just wondering if what is said in the article is viewed as bad or good? My ADD won't let me absorb it



News of an agreement to raise the value of the Iraqi currency to become equal to the US dollar and cancel the 3 zeros as well...….1000 IQD = 1000 USD


HBHockydad: Wowzer.

Frank26: 1 TO 1 ........... IN COUNTRY...............(big smile)

Jess4910: FYI. If it was not important and to be trusted then Delta would not have posted and Frank would not have said 1 to 1 in country. I M O

Post From KTFA 11-19-18
KTFA Monday Night CC Notes 11-19-18 Part 3 of 3
By Denaridori 

FRANK: Before you end, I can’t believe it – what is this now? November the 1st – after all these years I’ve been using this iPad and I never knew the speaker was on the left side! LOL Everybody is saying I can’t hear Delta or your advertisers. 

Well, bozo Frank here…I kept putting the phone on the right side and that’s not where the speaker’s at and I moved it to the other side and everybody said, I can hear now. Oh, I feel stupid.

FRANK: So, because of that, I want you, with your permission let this be your last 5 minutes and then, believe it or not, I’ve got another 30 minutes, Delta. I still have other reports from WS about this article. Wait til you hear it, okay?

Post From KTFA 11-19-18
KTFA Monday Night CC Notes 11-19-18 Part 2 of 3
By Denaridori

WS: Frank, the reason you want more and more about President Trump is because what President Trump wants right now from Iraq…and Iran.


WS: Like I told you it’s one thing to go to the USA, but it’s a completely different nightmare of logistics for Donald Trump to go to Iraq but note that on our last Monday cc we told you that this trip was possible, IMO, remember that?

FRANK: Yes, sir, I told them.

WS: ….And, no one in the internet even suspected it.

FRANK: No, sir, they didn’t.

WS: Frank, the bonds. 

FRANK: What about the bonds?

Post From KTFA 11-19-18
KTFA Monday Night CC Notes 11-19-18 Part 1 of 3

Denaridori - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR NOTES!!!  She has been typing all day Tuesday and all afternoon Wednesday to get this done so everyone can have it

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you ready for the Part 2 of our call tonight. I welcome almost 1200 people on live stream and another 1200 on our phones. God bless all of you. And to those who listen to this recording later on, I ask for the Holy Spirit to envelope me and guide me and help me present the conference call tonight in a dignified manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last time we were with you last Monday, we told you that the project of lifting the 000’s from their exchange rates still exists. And that was actually a quote that came from the exchange from the Central Bank of Iraq itself. Why? Because we told you that we don’t see any delays.