November 27th 6pm

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Ivantulafitov:   Dinar Guru News Update *** After a fourteen day delay, the CBI reported the market rate for the Iraqi Dinar from November 14th to the 27th...something is different. Starting on the 14th they began reporting the Dollar Exchange Rate / in IRAQ Markets. Previously the market rate was reported in the Baghdad Markets. You'll also notice the Official Market Rate listed in the left column of this page now contains 3 decimal places...the previously reported rate did not contain decimal places. Today's 1194.446 reported market rate is the strongest the market rate has been in nearly 2 years. 

JSL: Until the Forex shows it, the banks in the USA can't do a thing. They will never in a thousand years exchange for a higher value until it is on the Forex ,internationally accepted. Unles you have some secret connection. which nobody here does or else you would not be here

Briona: You can't use logic when trying to figure out how Iraq manages their finances, with different rates on the CBI, the street, in the stock exchange, and on their cards.


RVAlready:  I hope mahdi has success today going to parliament with his list. It was rediculous for parliament to attempt to delay another whole week for no good reason…mahdi needs to hammer this thing through

Natok: rvalready, I am thinking they are probably having to deal with more behind the screens that we will never know

RVAlready:  maybe, but a lot of their problems seem to stem from their own procrastination and not dealing with what is on their plates in a timely manner….allaq says he is ready to go, and the math has been done a million times over

Natok: I am thinking more on the line, that when they do one thing, someone will try to jump start on something before time and get caught in the squat type thing

RVAlready: they could do the RV now, and deal with the rest later…..they have had years to get ready.

RVAlready: i know it is a new parliament, but they should have arrived ready to do the job at hand….there was an article saying that mahdi was rejecting parliament's attempt to delay. he was going there today



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