November 28th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  11-28-18  

chattels  Interesting observation from DP, to wit :

chattels  11-27-2018 *** Dinar Guru News Update *** After a fourteen day delay, the CBI reported the market rate for the Iraqi Dinar from November 14th to the 27th...something is different. Starting on the 14th they began reporting the Dollar Exchange Rate / in IRAQ Markets.

Previously the market rate was reported in the Baghdad Markets. You'll also notice the Official Market Rate listed in the left column of this page now contains 3 decimal places...the previously reported rate did not contain decimal places. Today's 1194.446 reported market rate is the strongest the market rate has been in nearly 2 years. 

https://cbi .iq/news/view/237

chattels    What does it mean, if anything for us, I do not know, but, I think that any such changes are remarkable and worthy of mention and consideration.


DELTA:  http://www.skypressiq .net/

MarkPam: WOW!! And this is in their paper??? The jig is up! 

Don961: Week of US Dollar Decline ... Boosts Iraqi Prospects

Special / Sky Press

Amira Al Jaber

The US dollar is witnessing an unexpected decline against the Iraqi dinar, especially after news that the possibility of lifting three zeros of the Iraqi currency in a process equivalent to the US currency.

Where relevant sources confirmed the decline of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar after the news, specifically in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the exchange rate of $ 1,196,500

This drop comes in conjunction with the American interest in buying the Iraqi dinar recently after Trump's statement to strengthen the Iraqi currency in parallel with the American  

DELTA:  THANK YOU DON ........FRANKIE..... 1-1

​Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
November 28, 2018   Dorado, Puerto Rico

[Editor's note: While Simon is traveling today, other members of the Sovereign Man team penned today's missive.]

This doesn’t make front page news… But it should.

Every year, cost of living adjustments increase Social Security benefits.

Over the past decade, payouts have increased by an average of 1.66% per year, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

But for 2019, the increase will be 2.8% to keep pace with inflation.

By Nick Maggiulli November 27, 2018

Following Your Beliefs and Why I Came to RWM
​(Ritholtz Wealth Management)

From a young age, I knew something wasn’t quite right with the world. It all started when I lost my first tooth. I was five years old when I showed my parents my first enameled souvenir. 

They told me to put it in a Ziploc bag and place it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. I did as instructed and remember waking up the next morning to find money under my pillow. Wow. I was amazed as only a child can be.

A few months later I lost my second tooth. “What would the tooth fairy would bring this time?” I wondered. 
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Frank26: NOW REPEAT AFTER ME .............. 1 TO 1 ....... AGAIN .............. 1 TO 1 .......... WELL ALRIGHT ALRIGHT THEN (big smile)

Samson:  US foreign policy on its role in the visit of Barzani to Baghdad

28th November, 2018

US State Department spokesman Heather Neuert denied any role for her country in the recent visit by the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, to Baghdad
"According to my information, we had no role in this visit," Noer told a news conference

"But we always encourage Arbil and Baghdad to meet and dialogue," he said, calling on the two sides to hold constructive dialogues

On the agreement between Kurdistan and Iraq on the export of Kirkuk oil, Nuerat said that Iraq can be an important player in the global oil market through the export of crude oil LINK - http://www.shafaaq .com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/ec059657-cfd7-4f18-a6b2-7eef0e6bacbd