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2Cents: As to RI vs RV......

IMO, the auctions will have to continue until they RI........An RI will only occur when Iraq Accepts Article VIII obligations and the IMF recognizes this by removing them from Article 14 and announces they are now compliant with Article VIII..... they can then use the IQD to pay for imports and no longer have a need to exchange IQD for USD in order to do so.....

Banks can then freely accept IQD and exchange it with the CBI as they wish....IMO, this will not occur at the current rate of 1190 as too much IQD would be required and additionally, it is my understanding that Article VIII compliance will require a reality rate which Ernst & Young valued at $1.30 all the way back in 2010....IMSO, a reality rate has to be North of that now......we hopefully will find out KPMG's assessment soon......

As to RV........IMO, an RV is any significant change in the exchange rate.......this can happen multiple times both prior to and after an RI......It already has since 2003.......

Ultimately, any RV of their currency is what I care about........That being said, if their next move is an RI with the associated RV that would be necessary to prevent mass IQD requirements to purchase imports, more power to them!!!!! And us, haha


Sunkissed: Trump vows to pay down exploding debt

BY NIV ELIS - 10/31/18 04:12 PM EDT

President Trump on Wednesday said the U.S. would begin paying down the national debt, which has increased roughly $1.7 trillion since he took office.

Speaking at an event on workplace development that included multiple CEOs, Trump said that the nation has "a lot" of debt.

As a candidate, Trump promised to completely eliminate the debt over two terms in office. It is now approaching $21.7 trillion.

Post From Visual Capitalist
​Chart: Deaths of Roman Emperors vs. Coinage Debasement
By Jeff Desjardins March 17, 2016

Chart: Deaths of Roman Emperors vs. Coinage Debasement
The Money Project is an ongoing collaboration between Visual Capitalist and Texas Precious Metals that seeks to use intuitive visualizations to explore the origins, nature, and use of money.

Correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

In other words, just because two sets of data may follow a similar pattern, it does not mean there is any direct causal relationship.


Samson: Trump explodes surprise about America's debt: I will judge it by the end of my second term

2nd November, 2018

The dawn of US President Donald Trump 's surprise when he said that the United States will pay its debt huge year, by the end of the second presidential term. The US president said in an address Thursday at an event about creating jobs in the United States, The Hill reported.

Donald Trump seems confident that he will be reelected as president, as well as his belief in the possibility of repaying the public debt that has exceeded the $ 20 trillion mark in a short time. US public debt during the fiscal year 2018 rose by more than $ 1.2 trillion to a record $ 21.5 trillion. 

Trump promised this was contrary to the views of experts who expect an increase in the US budget deficit to reach one trillion dollars in 2020, with the growth of government spending.   LINK

Frank26: BINGO!!! !!! !!!