November 4th 6pm

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​Post From Consumer Reports
Best and Worst Airlines According to Consumer Reports Readers
By Octavio Blanco March 13, 2018
In our latest survey, 55,000 members rate carriers on staff service, seat comfort, pricing transparency and more
For most passengers, air travel has become a constant struggle to avoid ultra-tight seating, hefty luggage fees, and itinerary-wrecking delays. But a small number of carriers deliver consistently good travel experiences, according to our readers in the latest airline ratings survey conducted by Consumer Reports.
To identify the best and worst airlines, we surveyed more than 55,000 members last summer, who reported on nearly 98,000 domestic economy flights and 8,700 first-class and business-class flights. 

Post From Consumer Reports
Your Airline Travel Survival Guide
By Octavio Blanco November 01, 2018
How to snag deep discounts, get the best seat for your money, avoid nasty surprises, increase your comfort, and more
In September, American Airlines began service from Miami to Los Angeles—a flight of just under 6 hours—on its Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The plane is a feat of aviation engineering that Boeing says is 14 percent more fuel-efficient and travels 600 nautical miles farther than earlier versions of the 737.
It is also one of the most recent examples of how cramped air travel has become: It carries 12 more passengers (for a total of 172) than American’s other 737s, all of them shoehorned in by moving the seats closer together in all classes and shrinking the bathrooms so much that some people have reported difficulty turning around in them or washing their hands without getting soaked.

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 4, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The migrant caravan is breaking up as expected.

Most of the migrants have accepted asylum in Mexico and the rest of them (ISIS/MS-13 in particular) are being rounded up via special forces operations.

Meanwhile, the Cabal is desperately attempting to keep the migrant caravan alive.


Sunday UPDATE for November 4, 2018

Iraq has requested permission to ignore some of the US imposed sanctions against Iran in order to continue their import trade relations. US dollars will not be involved in the transactions, only Iraqi Dinars.

PM Madhi only has four candidates for Tuesday's Parliament session. He has postponed selecting the other four to complete a seated cabinet.

Leaders in Baghdad are holding a meeting today (Sunday) demanding that PM Mahdi announce all eight of his cabinet selectees.

Kurdistan regional Parliament will hold it's first official meeting on Tuesday.