November 6th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 11-6-18  
chattels  Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi: PMF (Hashd) is an official force that is subject to law. Its foundation was historic, it must be preserved & fully supported. It answers to me.
chattels  Last night, a new wave of serial bombings in #Baghdad, districts of Al-Shaala, Al-Turath, Aden Square near Kadhimiya and Al-habibia, ISIS claim responsibility for these attacks


JCNoble: As we wait for the next hoop to be jumped through in Iraq you have to acknowledge their consistency of action. The pattern of delay each time an announced decision point is reached is now almost proverbial. Hopefully this consistency will be broken soon.

Fullsail: the way I understand it, is that iraq with assets multiple times that of kuwait, iraq's curr value would exceed that of kuwait's post rv curr value. never heard that iraq would be less than kuwait post rv.

RVAlready: Fullsail, I think the main difference between Iraq and Kuwait, is the Iraq has a much larger population. In Kuwait, I believe the citizens can live off the oil riches of the country completely. In Iraq, the oil money per capital is much less. In Iraq, I think the citizens must always work for a living.

Fuze: Rvalready, you're correct about population difference....Kuwait about 4.8 million and Iraq about 37 million, it makes a difference in a number of areas...however Iraq has a number of other natural resources than oil, that may not be as plentiful in Kuwait., if they just stop acting a fool long enough to benefit from them

Post From Lifehack
Why Failure Can Take You One Step Closer to Success
By Ciara Conlon
Are you one of those people who has never failed? I hope not, because failing in my opinion is a stepping stone on the road to success.
In my world of work I am seen as a “productivity expert”. I use GTD, I try and test productivity apps and I teach people how to organize both their physical and electronic world. But I’m going to let you into a little secret:
I’m not naturally inclined that way.


Samson: Finance: We put a paragraph in the budget to allow the circulation of funds to the provinces

6th November, 2018

The Minister of Finance, Maher Hammad Johan, announced Tuesday (November 6th, 2018) that the ministry has drafted a text in the budget of 2019 allowing it to recycle all funds allocated to the provinces and the remaining petrodollar funds and development of the regions and border crossings for the completion of projects to the following year.

He also said that the deficit in the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019, amounting to 27% is not for the few, noting that the coverage of that deficit should raise the price of the barrel to 86 dollars.

He added that the price of a barrel of oil, although it is currently sold in Brent markets for $ 74, but Iraq sells a barrel of $ 67 to $ 70 per barrel, which means that the current deficit in the budget will continue to the same large percentage.      LINK