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Samson: Iraq Exemption from US Sanctions on Iran Energy

8th November, 2018

Iraq Granted Exemption from US Sanctions on Iran’s Energy Exports

Iraq will continue to have access to the energy it needs from Iran to generate and supply electricity, Brian Hook, the special representative for Iran at the US State Department, said.
“Iraq has been granted an exemption” to the energy sanctions the US has re-imposed on Iran, Hook said Monday on a media conference call without providing details.

Iraq is still importing natural gas and electricity from neighboring Iran and has set up a bank account to process payments in Iraqi dinars, according to two Iraqi government officials, who asked not to be identified because they’re not authorized to speak to media, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

Iraq’s central bank officials said in August that the country’s economy is so closely linked to Iran that Baghdad would ask Washington for permission to ignore some US sanctions.

Iraq imports crucial supplies from its neighbor including gas for power stations.   LINK -

Post From Mr. Tako​
Struggle Makes You Stronger
October 31, 2018 By Mr. Tako 

Struggle Makes You Stronger

Kids these days have it easy. My son recently started kindergarten, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe both the parent and the youngling forms of the typical human family unit up-close and personal.

The kids that go to my son’s school have it really good — Their parents deliver them to school in luxury air-conditioned SUV’s, wearing designer clothes that most certainly DID NOT come from a second-hand store. Hardly anybody walks to school anymore.

Post From Dinar Chronicles
Final Wakeup Call: Finishing off the Fed
11/07/2018 07:36:00 PM Intel, News  Finishing off the Fed

The Financial System is designed to put everyone into debt

Corrupt bankers, want the world financially destroyed

Monetary policy

Monetary policy, means how much money is printed, how much credit is created, and how much it costs. The question is, where have all these trillions of dollars that have been created gone?

The answer is into the financial- and real estate- markets. It’s why the stocks and housing prices have been hitting to new highs almost every day. All that money the Central Banks have been creating has gone into these markets. Although, a chunk of it has also gone into the bond market.

Reposted for our newest members

DebTarHeelGirl: You Bank Account is Full - You Are Making Visible Changes - How Do You Explain When Asked Where the $$ For These Changes Came From?"

Here is a suggestion:

SO many people say "DebTarHeelGirl, what do you suggest we say to people, when the RV is over and to our friends and family who see any visual changes we are making, as to how we obtained the money to make these changes?"

Written by a fellow currency holder who also coaches in financial matters, here is his advice:

What are you going to say when all of a sudden your bank accounts are full, other see that changes you are making, someone asks you about the new house or houses, a new car/cars or new clothes or you take them out and pay for everything with your "new found wealth..."

What are you going to say to them?