November 9th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Friday 11-9-18  

Woke AF 

​"I understand that SWIFT will be discontinuing service to the Central Bank of Iran and designated Iranian financial institutions. SWIFT is making the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system

Woke AF  I reckon it's about to hit the fan... 

http://twitter .com/therealcornett/status/1060867680469696517?s=19
Doug_W  Silver is back down 40 cents again


Samson: On Saturday, three huge asteroids will pass near Earth

9th November, 2018

Three large asteroids will pass on Saturday, near the Earth, the US space agency NASA reported. 

According to The Sun newspaper, the largest of these three asteroids is about 30 meters long, double the length of tourist buses, while the other planets are between 13 and 28 meters.  NASA said the asteroids would travel regularly between the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm on Saturday.  "The nearest planet will be separated from the Earth at about 209,000 miles (340,000 km)," she said. 

The first asteroid, called the 2018 VS1, will pass within 2 pm on Saturday afternoon, with the second pass (2018 VR1) after just 16 minutes. While the third asteroid 2018 VX1 will approach Earth at 18.26 minutes. The space agency said earlier that 10 "bodies" will pass near the ground, during the month of November.

LINK - https://www.mawazin .net/Details.aspx?jimare=19216

​Post From Dinar Updates
BGG & wmawhite
Flashback Friday – Crush Expected When Kuwaiti Banks Reopen Today

Crush Expected When Kuwaiti Banks Reopen Today
March 24, 1991|From Reuters

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — Thousands of Kuwaitis are expected to jam the country’s banks today when they open for the first time since the end of the Iraqi occupation.

Customers will be allowed to withdraw funds and to swap pre-invasion money for a new currency issued to make more than $1 billion in pre-invasion dinars stolen by the Iraqis worthless

Post Emailed To Dinar Recaps

Arthur  There is finally something to talk about. Yesterday Fifty deputies signed for the deduction of the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution to each individual Iraqi. This is the long awaited HCL. 

This event is not just about international Dinarians getting a tremendous return on their investment. It is more about Iraqi citizens being paid from the enormous oil wealth of Iraq. ...oil rich neighbor Kuwait provides their citizens a monthly food supply...


Samson: Documents .. Signatures to distribute the amount of each barrel of oil to the Iraqis

2018/11/9 9:16 

The Information Office of the MP for the block of state law high Nassif for the collection of signatures of 50 deputies to issue a decision to deduct the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution to each individual Iraqi.
He said in a statement today, received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "Deputy High Nassif submitted a request to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, supported by the signatures of fifty deputies, approving the issuance of a decision to deduct the amount of each barrel of oil and distribution within the ration card for each individual Iraqi, Article 59 (P-2) ".
LINK - .php?storytopic=36&storyid=179502

2Berds: Both of these articles Samson are filled with S&S (Security and Stability) and of 140 IMO

MilitiaMan: I am not sure how many signatures they'll need, but, the fact that they are collecting them makes me happy as all get out. They get this done, and for all citizens get a slice of every barrel of oil on their cards... Fairly sure they will want to have enough pens... lol Who wouldn't sign it after all these years? Lets not forget the possible motive to put pressure next door, as we watch the unrest. Like we have talked about of recent, the IQD brings purchase power the neighbors are going to be jealous.. imo 2 ~ MM 


Samon: US Advises Against attending Baghdad Int’l Fair

8th November, 2018

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has received a report that unspecified militia leaders have discussed plans for kidnapping U.S. citizens attending the 45th Baghdad International Fair, scheduled for November 10-19, 2018.

The militia leaders’ discussion included concealment techniques and ways of connecting the kidnappings to other entities with whom the militias possibly disagree with politically. The Embassy has no further information regarding the timing, target, or method of any planned actions.

The Embassy goes on the advise people to avoid the Baghdad International Fair.

(Source: U.S. Embassy in Baghdad - https://iq.usembassy .gov/security-alert-u-s-embassy-baghdad-iraq-november-6-2018/ )

LINK - http://www.iraq-businessnews .com/2018/11/08/us-advises-against-attending-baghdad-intl-fair/