October 11th 6pm

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(Part 3 of 4)

FRANK: Okay Family. Now you have the introduction to the core of our conference call for tonight. And i pray you were able to understand our conversation between me and Delta. When I was first addressing you, this whole conference call is in my opinion. Correct?

When I was first addressing you about 30 minutes ago, I wanted to give you, I suppose a THEME for tonight. I always like to do that. I guess if we’re going to call our Conference Call anything tonight, let’s call it this:

The Mother of all Time Frames

You know we don’t give you dates. You know we don’t give you false hopes. And if we share something with you, we do our very best to support it as much as possible with the articles.
Tonight, yeah, I’d like to call tonight’s Conference Call The Mother of all Time Frames.

Thank you Sunkissed



(Part 1 of 4)

FRANK: Me and Delta basically just want to say “Goodbye.”

We are going to start our call. And the way I told you that we’re going to start tonight is two conversations between me and Delta. The reason I do that, is because it allows you to hear the progress of our Teams study, and how we put together the things that come in.

Now if you remember last Monday, when we were with you, we told you that we didn’t care who the Prime Minister was. All we wanted was a seated government. What happened the following day? On Tuesday? The following day. What happened?

They announced the Prime Minister. Mahdi. Interesting, isn’t it?


Sunkissed: HUGE - HUGER - HUGEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    100 Dinars!!!! and 50 Dinars!!!!!!

Samson:   Economist: Putting the name of the governor on the currency is universally recognized

10th October, 2018

The economic expert Hussein al-Khakani said Wednesday that the issue of placing the name of the governor and signing it is universally recognized, while stressed the need to shine with the issuance of small currency

Al-Khakani said in a statement to the "Trend News" and viewed by "Economy News", that the national currency is constantly exposed to damage and the Central Bank of Iraq sets up cash collections ready to be replaced with the damaged currency after the reference with red ink certain and put numbers for the new currency and then put it In markets


Thursday UPDATE for October 11, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) reports that deleting the 3 zeros is still intended to take place (and possibly soon). This project was targeted for launch in 2011 and met political opposition and then again 2014, but was postponed due to ISIS.

Iraqi TV reports that October 24 is the deadline for cabinet submittals, then Parliament will vote on the received names.

Reports indicate that Prime Minister-Designate Madhi and his members are prepared to meet the October 24 deadline to complete the cabinet and send to Parliament for approval. #wearethepeople