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Samson: Iraqi trade gets the best bank in Iraq for 2018

13th October, 2018

Iraqi Bank of Commerce, on Saturday, for the first time since its establishment, received the award of the best bank in Iraq for the year 2018 of the magazine Global Finance under the classification of the best international banks in the Middle East. 

A statement issued by the bank said, "The latter received for the first time since its establishment the award of the best bank in Iraq for 2018 of the magazine Global Finance under the classification of the best international banks in the Middle East, where is the leading magazine in the financial sector, in conjunction with our presence as an Iraqi bank Government and only at the meeting of the International Monetary Fund IMF in Indonesia - Bali". 

"The Bank has been awarded the award based on its strong presence in the Middle East through profitability, strategic relationships, business development and product innovation."  LINK -
https://www.mawazin .net/Details.aspx?jimare=14855

Thank you Judy

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 13, 2018

Compiled 13 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Q claimed that we were in BOOM WEEK. The Stock Market went into sharp decline on Wed. Oct. 10, continuing through Thurs. Oct. 11. On Friday Oct. 12 the Dow bounced back about 270 points, but ended at a loss of 4% for the week.

Some were saying we would experience a Black Mon. on Oct. 15, with the Stock Market instability triggering 800#s release.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday 10-11-18  

chattels  Abdul Mahdi Office Announces Statistical Nominations for the First Day

[Ayna-Baghdad]  Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi's office announced on Wednesday the results of the first day of opening the nomination portal for the post of minister until the end of Tuesday (October 9th) for the post of minister.

According to the statement of the Office, the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that "the number of registered on the site: 36006, while the number of completed nominations: 9317."

"The proportion of independents of applicants: 97%, and the applications of women accounted for: 15%, while the proportion of holders of higher degrees: 23%."

​Post From Women Who Money
Inspiring Money Stories: Learning To Be Mindful And Content

We’re excited to introduce you to Lisa! She’s learned the importance of “saving herself” and being mindful and content. And just because Lisa is a high earner, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have money challenges.

We think you’ll enjoy her story and find some inspiration for your own financial journey! Feel free to ask her any questions in the comments or just to say hello.

Inspiring Money Stories: Lisa

1) Introduce Yourself to The WwM Readers!

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a 30-something singleton lawyer from the DC area who blogs at 

I initially thought I’d write about tips and tricks for saving money but the blog has evolved more into how to create a happy and meaningful life using money as a tool.


Mangelo: my investment firm sent me a notice that next month they will have a forum on investment because of the new wealth that's about to happen. So they sent me and others an invitation. I told them I will be there.....kinda interesting that things are coming together finally...

SassyD: RISK MORE than others think is safe.... CARE MORE than others think is wise.... DREAM MORE than others think is practical.... EXPECT MORE than others think is possible !!!

IdahoUSA: "GOOD things have come to those that BELIEVED...... BETTER things have come to those that had PATIENCE.... The BEST things have arrived for those that DID NOT QUIT !!!"

SassyD: NEVER give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait but it's more difficult to regret !!!

SassyD: "Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person !!"