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[mentoredlife] Jester Have you seen the new Q - We Are The Plan video? It's well done I think. I know Q is a bit vague and hard to prove a lot of the updates, but this video does a nice job of summarizing how we got where we are today.

https://youtu .be/MRtEgdgj_XQ?t=1


[tmorrow1953] Jester I saw where President Trump acknowledges the federal reserve as a big obstacle. Is there anything really within his power that he can do about it?

​Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
October 17, 2018 Dallas, Texas, USA

Is Netflix being run by the United States Congress?

Shares of Netflix soared today on news the company lost a record $859 million in cash in the third quarter.

Why are investors applauding this egregious destruction of capital?

Well, it’s because investors only look at one number when Netflix reports earnings – subscriber growth.

And on that metric, the company outperformed, adding 6.96 million subscribers, bringing the global total to more than 137 million.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday  10-20-18  Part 2 of 2

Woke AF   chattels "He stressed that one of the main objectives of this visit is to "promote the concepts of financial inclusion in Iraq and discuss ways to develop it and raise its rate to more than 22.6%."  What rate are they referring to?  Interest rates?

chattels   Woke AF IDK, but certainly not interest rates, IMO.

Woke AF   I hope not! Gosh~

spankie   what is 22 percent , dime - bax will be happy

Baxter  10-20-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 ...the Symposium, that was being held by Mousawi, one of the well trusted economists in Iraq....at a University where there were hundreds of students...they were talking about the Iraqi Currency. When the Symposium was complete...they opened it up to Questions and Answers. It wasn’t for the Media. ...There were hundreds of students.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday  10-20-18  Part 1 of 2

sandyf   @joeSchmoe: laugh Mr F seems to think that he can just start sounding positive, and we will all forget his claims of 'LOP/RD' 
Obviously Mr Joe is quite selective in what he chooses to read, ignored the posts from the days before.
"Delete the zeros" or redenomination will take some time to prepare for implementation, usually about 2 years. In the meantime there are positive indications for a very good Christmas.
@Baxter Tell SandyF... that the Delete the Zero Process...thats going to take 2 years to Implement... started about 6 years ago... LOL.

Obviously you are perfectly free to distort the context and have a laugh. The plan to redenominate has been discussed for a lot more than 6 years but has never been passed. Once the Bill has passed through parliament the redenomination will take about 2 years to prepare.

Post From CrushTheStreet
Global Currency Reset Implosion  Part 2 of 2
Global Currency Reset Implosion With a $250 Trillion Debt Bomb

The following list of circumstances is priming the pump for a currency reset scenario. A majority have already taken place to some degree, are ongoing, or are in the process of surfacing and are not listed in any particular order, although some require another for implementation with reason.

√ Low-intensity conflicts proliferate into hot regional wars

√ The consolidation of and creation of currency blocks (i.e. EUR within the European Union) 

Post From CrushTheStreet
​Global Currency Reset Implosion  Part 1 of 2
Global Currency Reset Implosion With a $250 Trillion Debt Bomb

The CrushTheStreet Staff Is Consistently Researching The Most Important Investment Research. Our Goal Is To Magnify Your Financial Education At These Critical Times. Gain Immediate Access To Our Wide-Range of Top-Conviction Reports HERE!

Are you tired of the boring 1988 Economist magazine cover art depicting a new world currency in 2018? Me too, so I gave it a slight overhaul with a golden (pun intended) halo of the sun and Earth in today’s headline graphic.

Today is ground zero if you extrapolated the date engraved upon the future coin as prophetic. The truth of the matter is that currency and financial system resets occur over a period of time, then a D-Day eventually comes to pass upon the peasantry.

The great financial crisis that transpired ten years ago was a financial system reset slow train wreck, and D-Day culminated over a weekend with the Lehman Brothers collapse decision at the NYFRB.