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Samson: Diyala excludes banks from Thursday holiday

24th October, 2018

Governor Muthanna al-Tamimi announced on Wednesday that banks would be excluded from the holiday he announced on the occasion of the visit of the late Imam Hussein. 

The governor said in a statement received / Mawazin News / that "the banks were excluded from the holiday on Thursday, 2018/10/25, in order to ensure the completion of the procedures for the distribution of salaries." 

It is noteworthy that the governor of Basra announced earlier, to disrupt the official hours in the departments of the governor from Thursday to Tuesday next week, on the occasion of the visit of the shrine of Imam Hussein peace be upon him.  Seven provinces have declared a disruption of official working hours, on the occasion of the visit.

LINK - https://www.mawazin.net/Details .aspx?jimare=16714

Post From TNT by LounDebnc 
First-Class Flying Is Back, and It’s More Luxurious Than Ever
By Richard Weiss  October 24, 2018

Carriers are adding routes and amping up the amenity quotient of their premium cabins.

First-class airline service has long been the playground of the fabulously famous and fantastically wealthy, with luxuries ranging from free-flowing Champagne and mountains of caviar in the early years to private cabins with a bed and shower on some carriers today.

But after British Airways in 2000 introduced lie-flat seats in business class for thousands of dollars less than first—an innovation that quickly spread throughout the industry—it was hard to argue that it’s worth the extra cash for a few more inches of legroom and a better wine list.


MilitiaMan:  (Article- The Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of his reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability)

Here we go! The hand off is about to occur!

The central bank is reassuring that they have and have had full control of their monetary policy for 4 years running, just as WS has told us they have. They have had the calculations all well calculated with tools in place to maintain stability of their exchange rate well into the future.

They have here and in other articles talked about and showed that they have increased reserves exceeding 60 billion dollars, not to mention they increased their gold holdings by about 6.5 additional tonnes and have stated they increased revenues matching their oil output other sources necessary to compliment oil and shocks that may arise out of negative market conditions!

This was all done on Abadi's watch over the past four years and the CBI is telling us and the world that they are geared for the next phase of Monetary Reform.


Cleitus: Crossing T's and dotting I's for the next event/finale, IMO.

Samson: The World Bank delegation starts its meetings with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks

24th October, 2018

The World Bank delegation held a meeting with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks to review the latest developments in the banking sector in Iraq

The correspondent of "Economy News", said that "the delegation of the World Bank held a meeting on Wednesday morning with the Association of Iraqi private banks to discuss the latest developments in the banking sector of Iraq

He added that "the meeting discussed ways to promote the banking sector and raise the proportion of financial coverage in Iraq," adding that "the subsequent meetings will be with the Bank of the Lebanese return and theTurkish bank Ish and Zain Cash and Asia money

The percentage of financial coverage in Iraq during the past four years to 22.6% because of the procedures of banks to increase its services to the public through contracting with international financial companies

LINK - http://economy-news .net/content.php?id=14087