October 24th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 10-24-18  Part 1 of 2
chattels  New Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi to present his new cabinet to Parliament Wednesday evening. Social media leaks some cabinet names. Basra residents angry because Oil Minister not from Basra, which produces 80% of Iraq's oil.   http://mobp.as/SFmtn
chattels  Reported leaked list of new Iraqi ministers has Falih al-Fayyad, former PMF (Hashd) chairman, as Interior Minister. 

chattels  Iraqi political source: new PM Abdel-Mahdi will present his partial cabinet to Parliament tonight. PM refused nominations from Sunni political blocs. PM refuses to include current MPs or former ministers in his new cabinet.  http://mobp.as/spvtn
chattels  Anonymous Iraqi MP: political parties are not happy with mechanisms PM Abdel-Mahdi has used to select his cabinet. There is real possibility Parliament will not approve it.   http://mobp.as/wzvtn

Post From Dinar Chronicles
Final Wakeup Call: The Monetary Transition 10/24/2018  
The Monetary Transition - The Plan is to Abolish all Central Banks 

​The Future is proving the Past The financial system must crash Political ...
The Plan is to Abolish all Central Banks
The Future is proving the Past
The financial system must crash
Political Policy Analyses
The amount of debt in the world has expanded hugely since 2007, when financial institutions started failing. They failed because they had too much debt. Now, there’s even more debt. There’s far more debt in all sectors, including the automobile, student loan, mortgage, and consumer sectors, not to mention government debt.


Tishwash: URGENT Abdel-Mahdi sworn in      link

Briona: I'm stunned, they actually did something on schedule.

OkRocks: !! URGENT Abdel-Mahdi sworn in The 14 ministers, who were given confidence by parliament in today's session Legal expert: Abdul Mahdi's government has become constitutional

Elmerf123456: #BreakingNews Prime Minister Designate @AdilAbdAlMahdi becomes the Prime Minister of Iraq after Parliament approved part of his cabinet #NOW (1am Baghdad time) #Iraq

OkRocks: Officially .. Haider Abadi became a former prime minister Officially .. Abdul Mahdi turns from commissioned to prime minister

Lifetalker: the swearing in... was it enough to reach our tipping point?

764764: Praying Trump wants it as much as we do!! Lol

RvAlready: I think it is part of his economic plan.