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​​ Post From Get Rich Slowly
Estate Planning Isn’t Just for Millionaires
Posted October 27, 2018 by Dina Isola
Dina here…
One of the greatest “gifts” I ever received from my parents did not feel like a gift a first; it was a torturous exercise, truth be told. Involving me in their estate planning would be something that would offer my entire family peace of mind, but not until much later down the road.
I did not ask to be involved; I actually was uncomfortable looking at my parents’ finances; it felt like TMI.
To put things in perspective, I was not a financial advisor at the time, nor was Tony. I was in charge of marketing communications for a mutual fund company and Tony (an avid investor) was teaching history.  

​It was our experience with my parents’ planning that led us to the work we do now.

​Post From Get Rich Slowly
Should you pay off your mortgage early?
By J.D. Roth 30 October 2018
My friend Amy recently wrote with an interesting dilemma. “Should I pay off my mortgage early?” she wonders.
Amy has a high-paying job and has managed to save enough that she could be completely debt-free if she wanted to. And she kind of wants to! But is this the best choice? She's aware that this is a nice problem to have — but it's still a bit of a muddle. She'd like some guidance.
Here's an abridged version of her email:
I'm wondering if you have any advice for me related to paying off a mortgage vs. keeping it for tax purposes.


Walkingstick:  ftti ... Yep, keeping in mind... Iraq's (NEER) & (REER) of past... (Both, having appreciated greatly over of the course of 4 years) was weighed, against.... the USD, only... Today, effectively weighed... against, a basket.  Regards....
Sunkissed: We know that the REER was established on Thursday (Oct 25, 2018).

And from what I glean from this (Walking Stick) post, the Nominal Effective Exchange Rate & the Real Effective Exchange Rate have "appreciated greatly over the course of 4 years" due to various things we know of from many articles: interest, frozen funds, clawed back stolen dinar, etc., all back to the CBI reserves.

Therefore, had they Reinstated the Dinar before now, it would have only been weighed against the "USD, only" at a rate of 1:1 to the USD. 
BUT.... NOW.... TODAY (I believe as of last Thursday!!) "weighed against, a basket."