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Post From The Rich Fool
Beyond Charitable Giving: What’s Your Currency of Generosity?
By The Rich Fool · June 5, 2018 ·
Charitable giving is the default currency of generosity for most givers, but not everyone gets excited about writing checks. Our friends threw themselves a going-away party because their currency of generosity is relationships.
Like the 5 love languages, each giver has a default way of using money to bless others
Although I write a lot about charitable giving on The Rich Fool, a generous life calls for more than monetary donations. A good friend reminded me recently that charity is just one “currency of generosity” — and perhaps the easiest one.


Ol Lar: I would think a new international currency rate would sure look good going into this fair, after all they are in the business of impressing other countries these days

Samson: Set the date for the launch of the Baghdad International Fair in its 45th session

 31st October, 2018

The Ministry of Commerce announced that the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair will be launched for the period from 10-19 November.

According to a ministry statement received by the obelisk, the course will be "under the banner of determination to build and rebuild as well as liberation and victory and enjoy the active participation of large countries of the world, especially the European, in addition to the participation of many specialized companies and quality."

Post From Get Rich Slowly
5 Common Misconceptions I Had About ETF’s
Jim Wang October 31, 2018 2
After my first summer internship, my dad urged me to open a Roth IRA and start saving for my retirement. The Roth IRA was a relatively new invention as of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, but my dad was always on top of these financial matters, so he helped me open a Vanguard Brokerage Account.
It was the dot-com boom and I dutifully invested my hard-earned $1,500 dollars into JDS Uniphase, only to watch it drop 20% within a few months when the market went to pieces. The dot-com boom-and-bust taught me one valuable lesson—stick with index funds, pal.
I love the idea of index funds—they invest in all the companies in an index, such as the S&P 500. You don’t have to pick the right company because when you invest in a single fund, you’re essentially picking them all.