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Post From Your Money Or Your Life
04 Oct Financial Independence – What’s The Point?
Posted at 15:45h in Book, Financial Independence, FIRE By Vicki Robin

Just to be clear… I’m not retired. I don’t intend to retire. I don’t want to stop working. I want to work for things I care about, on things that interest me, until I die. Like Thoreau, “…I wish to live deliberately…I want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life… and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”
Yet I’m identified with the FIRE movement (financial independence retire early) – that’s grown up around Your Money or Your Life, the book I coauthored in 1992 with Joe Dominguez. I’ve been called the “guru” of this movement, yet I’ve come to believe that there is a poison pill in the very name of it.


Tishwash: The Central Bank issues a second edition of five categories of currency    link

Chevy: The Central Bank of Iraq issued its second edition of the banknotes of the categories of (25000, 10000, 1000, 500, 250) dinars, stressing that he will continue trading circulation of cash currently traded from the above categories with the new categories without any intention to withdraw from circulation.

B-Town: How does that fit in with the revalue rates we are looking for?

Tishwash: this is a transition step the next release will be the true lower denoms when the rates have changed, this is another thing they have done one time…. these notes will be used along with the truly lower denoms when they release them for about 2 years

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 10-7-18  
Chattels  Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk  I'd caution against a positive assumption about "independent"/"technocrat" ministers. The five "technocrats" elected in Abadi's 2016 shuffle have been pretty unexceptional. In fact one of them, Ann Awfi, presided over the Basra water poisoning crisis that destroyed Abadi. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en
chattels  Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk  This is not to say that Awfi was totally to blame for that; corruption in customs and visas, as well as security problems, all handled by other ministries, were to blame for wrecking the clean water project. But simply having "independent" ministers won't solve problems. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en

chattels  Kirk H. Sowell @UticaRisk  Back to the "independents/technocrats" point - the next issue of #InsideIraqiPolitics will have an article overviewing how things went for Abadi's 2016 "technocrat" shuffle. This will be essential background for what is to come since "independents" are in vogue right now. https://twitter.com/UticaRisk?lang=en


Samson: Abadi coalition reveals a surprise: Abdul Mahdi may resign in this case

 7th October, 2018

Ali al-Sunaid, leader of the Al-Nasr coalition, led by Haider al-Abadi, said that Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi may resign from his pocket and submit it in case of any political pressure to impose candidates to certain ministries.

He added that "the political pressures on Abdel-Mahdi reveal this week and the next if any."
" Sinid said that" the coalition of victory with the hand of Adel Abdul Mahdi and give him full freedom to choose ministers, the prime minister should be freed from the influence of political parties and blocs, "he said.    LINK