October 9th 6pm

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Steveyoga1: A Valid Purpose for the New Notes with Signatures? 

It's my opinion that they put the new version of the notes out with signatures because they are immediately visually different from the old 3 zero notes. These will at the time of the Revaluation, immediately be invalid inside Iraq. These new "higher" notes (250, 500, 1,000 Dinars) will already be in circulation (rolling out since last week) so commerce can continue during the time it takes for the RV to activate and take place.

These will be uniquely identifiable from the older 3 zero notes of 2003, 2013, etc., at least by the controversial new signature, if not also the images.

These new notes will continue to be valid inside Iraq after the RV, but they will immediately drop 3 zeros from them to make them equal in value to the new lower denomination notes that they announced are coming out (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 Dinar notes). This will also have the benefit of immediately invalidating the forgeries of the older 3zero notes.

They know what they are doing. All their explanation about replacing the wearing out lower denominations is only one of the reasons...not the main one. Allowing the RV to unfold is one of the biggies!

​Notes From The Field   By Simon Black
October 8, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

With corruption like this, it’s no wonder so many pension funds are insolvent
Last week, the head of a New York state pension fund found herself a new job.

Vicki Fuller, the former head of New York’s $209 billion fund, now earns $275,000 per year working part time for a natural gas group called The Williams Companies-- good work if you can get it.

It’s noteworthy that when Ms. Fuller ran her state pension fund, she invested $110 million of taxpayer money to buy bonds issued by none other than The Williams Companies.

"Nothing Changes but the Date" by Truthseeker - 10.9.18

Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 10:33 AM EDT on October 9, 2018

I just wish Intel providers would come to grips with the fact that no one knows if, when or how the RV/GCR will occur, NO ONE! I think we need to look up the definition of Insanity = the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. - extreme foolishness or irrationality.

This is the Currency World’s definition of Insanity = doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. For over 5 years now Intel providers have been posting dates and rates (daily, weekly and monthly) only to find themselves scratching their heads the following Monday morning. I'm not here to spew negativity, but someone needs to keep things real within the Dinar Community.

My advice to Currency Holders is to read everything but put aside any posts that contain dates and rates because no one knows how this game will end until it's over.





SO UNTIL THEN ..................... ENJOY THIS KTFA KONA ............ YES IT'S OLD BUT IT'S NEXT

TY DON961 \M/

Published Features of New Iraqi Currency After Deletion of Zeros 3/31/18

Dannair publishes the features of the new Iraqi currency after the deletion of zeros

Post From Your Money Or Your Life
Who Are You After Financial Independence?
Financial Independence, FIRE, Money and Life  By  Vicki Robin

Your Identity Closet: What shall you wear now that you are free?

In high school all three sororities asked me to join – three different flavors of girls to giggle and gossip with. I must have joined one because my actual memory isn’t of joining. It’s of dropping out in protest to some clique cruelty. When offered options A, B or C – I chose D. Life went on. I didn’t make a habit of rebellion.

In fact, I developed quite a High School resume of clubs, groups and honors. Yet I’d learned that you can step outside any box you want to – and survive.

By my mid-20’s I’d built a serious smoking habit. Serious because I’d picked up a disaffected Galoise smoker identity when I lived in Europe, translated that to Pall Malls in the United States and was burning through a pack a day. It made me feel intellectual and complex.


Some Highlights of Mondays CC:

Clare: WOW! The Mother Of All Time Frames!!! Awesome CC...

Thanks Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & Teams! Spot on....over and over again!

I am so grateful for all you have done for us! 

Nothing is clearer in this CC... Embrace the RI...we are at the point of Welcoming it!

Watch for Article 2...

We saw LD's last Thursday...replacement of worn, torn notes is done...

Next is, Article 2 for the Citizens...This must not fail with the Citizens...