September 10th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday   9-10-18  

chattels  Iraq: a political coup against al-Abadi and a possible alliance between al-Sadr and al-Amiri Iranian support    LINK

chattels   " .............. the Kurds refuse to support a government formed by al - Abadi ........"

chattels   " ...... the events of Basra as "precipitated the elimination of the last chances Abadi to obtain second term. "

chattels  ............ "candidate will be a compromise candidate for all the blocks is also certain that it will not be the Dawa Party,..........."


Pearle: I don’t even understand what I read Abadi the Pm...or are they saying he can’t be for another position

Yada: Pearle,,Abadi is the PM and until the new president is named and then he will be rename PM for a second term,,those who say he wont be are assuming the Alliance group will not be the group that wins but we know different

RVAlready: we all know this was a plan, assembled because the world financial system was going to crash. It was a mathematical certainty. So, a plan was made to save the world. And Iraq etc was the latest page in the plan. Hopefully, it is time to push the button…..

Post From Dinar Perspectives 9-10-18
By Bpbby

We can all agree on one thing, Iraq adding value to it's currency. From there we can all agree to disagree on how they get to that point

As we wait on the seating of the GOI, we have seen everything from Abadi being the new PM, to Abadi being left out. 

We have recently seen talks of a rapprochement between Sadar and Ameri's alliances which could lead to good things because Iraq can not move forward with both going against one another after the GOI is formed


Samson: Abadi to New York to attend UN General Assembly meetings

9th September, 2018

From an informed source that Prime Minister Haider Abadi will attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations scheduled to be held during the twenty-fifth of this month. 

The source said that Abadi will attend the annual UN meeting, and will deliver the speech of Iraq, speaking of the latest developments in Iraq. 

He said that Abadi will urge the international community to provide the necessary help in rebuilding and rebuilding the war against Daqash, in which Iraq was fighting on behalf of the whole world against the forces of darkness and evil. 

The source pointed out that the visit falls within the annual curriculum of the Prime Minister of the UN mandate, and does not represent any other direction.    LINK