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Walkingstick: Mawazine News apologizes to its readers for publishing the news of the departure of foreign journalists from Iraq

Apologizes / Mawazin News / for its readers the publication of the news of "the request of Western embassies to leave their journalists from Iraq." 

The agency reported yesterday that the British and European embassies have asked foreign journalists to leave Iraq because of security risks, according to information provided by the agency's correspondent in Amman and found to be untrue and accordingly Mawazine News is apologizing to its esteemed readers, security forces and the Iraqi people. Security in Iraq is stable. 

The Ministry of the Interior on Wednesday sent a letter of reassurance to Western journalists and said it would hold a reconnaissance seminar tomorrow at the Reda Alwan cafe in Karrada district, central Baghdad. 29 / 

When You Die Without A Will   Part 2 of 2

17 Famous People Who Died Without A Will
Kelly Phillips Erb Forbes Staff

Simply put: without a will, you typically have no control over your own assets at death.
Prince Rogers Nelson (better known as Prince) made headlines recently when his sister filed documents claiming that the entertainer died without a will. As hard as that might be to believe, it's not all that unusual. According to a 2015 Rocket Lawyer survey, 64% of Americans don't have a will.
Not surprisingly, the number is higher for younger Americans (70% those aged 45-54) than for older Americans (54% those aged 55-64 do not have a Will). Prince was 57.
Of those surveyed without a will, most (60%) indicated they simply haven't gotten around to making one yet while just over a quarter (27%) don't feel that it's urgent. Why put it off?

When You Die Without A Will  Part 1 off 2
Here's What Happens When You Die Without A Will
By Jeanne Sahadi  @CNNMoney
It's hard to believe that Prince -- who was famously meticulous about maintaining control over his name and music -- may have died without a will.
That leaves open the question of who will inherit his millions, his record label and his unreleased songs.
So what happens to someone's estate if they didn't make their wishes known in writing?
Who gets the money?
"A will] is your voice and lets you decide where things go and who you want to carry these things out," said David DuFault, an estate planning attorney at Sodoma Law in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Notes From The Field By Simon Black
September 12, 2018 En route to Puerto Rico
The Hitler Of South Africa Is Crushing Farmland Prices… time to buy?
One of our major themes this year has been avoiding big mistakes…
Mostly, we’ve been talking about avoiding assets that are irrationally expensive (like most stocks and real estate today). And we’ve been discussing ways to raise cash and diversify outside of traditional investments to protect your capital.
But now that you have all that cash handy, when do you pull the trigger? When is an asset cheap enough to buy? You can lose just as much money buying too soon as you can buying too late.
If you look around the world today, there are plenty of assets “on sale.”
Emerging markets have gotten crushed thanks to troubled economies, a soaring dollar (which makes their dollar-denominated debts harder to pay) and trade war fears.