September 12th 6pm

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Becoming rich instantly, or in a very short period, is part of the great American dream. It happens each and every day to someone. What many people fail to consider ahead of time is that becoming wealthy also comes with great responsibility.

People can become wealthy in many ways. Some sell a business or an asset.

Some people become wealthy in a very short period because of a smart or lucky investment. Some of the instantly wealthy win the lottery, win a legal judgment or receive a settlement.

Others inherit more money than they expected, and some inherit money that they never knew was coming to them.

And some people with stock options become instantly wealthy on paper if they have stock options when their employer has an initial public offering or gets acquired.


A bank story contributed from a member.....

I met with my banker this week, we discussed and agreed on dual banking systems. Upon acknowledging the Rupiah and the Dong, it was stated that the Dinar was not yet traded at that bank.

I was allowed to see the bank screen rates that were going to be used....Dinar was $3.71, Dong was $2.00 and Rupiah was $1.00.

We tried to process the Dong currency but could not complete the transaction due to needing a specific code.

The banker checked with their upper management, but was denied any code or any further explanation to give to me. I presume that I will have to return another day when a Wealth Manager is present.

​10 Lies About Money You Probably Still Believe
By Maria Nedeva

There are many lies about money you probably still believe.

Don’t blame you – I did believe many of these money lies as well before I put my brain into gear and did some sums. You don’t even need complex maths, or any maths for that matter, to see that some of the money ‘wisdom’ in circulation is as washed out as you granny’s bloomers. Some critical and questioning thinking would do!

Tonight, I’d like to share with you the top ten lies about money on my lists. These are:

You need a budget
Ownership trumps hire
Frugality will save the day (and your bank account)
It is too late to invest (to make your fortune)
Compound interest is king
Early retirement is from the land of the fairies
Investment analysis rules
Education doesn’t matter for wealth (and success)
This is too little money to make a difference
It is all in your hands


Libertyu78: Dear Frank, thank you so much for Bluestars report and the prayer for our president last night (Monday Night) . But I wonder if you can soon talk again about Trump as part of a study. So want to know if you have any information on if and when the bad guys stateside will get what's coming to them. Hopefully before November. Also dying to hear more about the USD. Wondering if asset backed dollar spells the end of fiat.
I know these are off our main topic but would love more teaching on these on the side.

GFulcher66: imo This has more to do with why we wait than anything in/concerning Iraq. A reset in the rule of law, basil111 compliant currency away from the deep state and fed res. and central banks is the only thing powerful enough to hold this back - Iraq has been done for a long time, their asset backed currency is just needing this new track to trade on - Thank God Trump is in control of this transition instead of the demons 

Iobey777: And what did FRANK say last night,(Monday Night CC) IHO??? He said,"TRUMP IS THE ONE DEMANDING THIS NOW"!!!! Couple that with what Delta said today about that article and we are about to see the final EXPLOSION!! IMO!!